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  1. Update Update..... not that it matters....... Spoke to the court today after waiting in the call Queue for what seemed like forever.. .. I was advised that the court had received a copy of Lowell's DQ also but could not act on it as they had not sent it out and the claim has and still is STAYED!!!!! no fees have been paid to lift the stay or requests to lift the stay... The guy at the court did say that this has been happening a lot from Lowell's over last couple of weeks... He also stated that a letter had been sent to Lowell's stating the claim was and still is sta
  2. Update....... its been a couple of days since receiving the "we have filed our DQ with the court" letter from Lowell.... . Still no sign of my DQ from the courts themselves yet!!!! Been working away so unable to call the courts to confirm whether or not Lowells letter is legit or not. Will ring the court first thing Monday. After reading several other threads regarding Lowell this seems to be their new tactic to try and fleece people...
  3. Cheeky Feckers..... I had read a recent post where they appeared to of done this to others
  4. Update Time..... Its seems Lowell Solicitors are trying their luck.... Back story.. Defence filed 30/10/2016.... defend all. Confirmed via MCOL 31/10/2016. No response from Claimant regarding defence. No paper response from Northampton regarding defence. 85 days later I get a letter from Lowell stating that they have lodged a directions questionnaire with Northampton and that I should be receiving one soon from Northampton to file as directed... Funny thing I find is that how come the claimants solicitor can receive and file a DQ before the defendant has even recei
  5. I did chuckle when I read the solicitors letter stating they had put the matter on hold..... The Defence acknowledgement letter states that the claimant has 28 days after receiving the defence to decide to proceed or not, what would count as day 1? I would of thought it would be the day I filed my defence?
  6. Time for a little update..... Defence filed 19/12/2016 Defence Acknowledged by Court letter dated 19/12/2016 received 21/12/2016 Letter dated 07/12/2016 received from Cabot referencing the CCA request I made on 28/11/2016, they acknowledge they do not have the information I require on file and have requested all information from the original creditor. They go onto acknowledge that the 12 day limit before the agreement becomes temporarily unenforceable, then go on to say that they anticipate that they cannot provide the information within 12 days but hope
  7. DX.... I have read and re-read this thread many a time, and I was already enjoying my life before Lowlife interjected themselves into my life.....and all this doesn't stop me asking a question!!!!!! Thanks to all of you for your advice/comments
  8. I found out for myself that the courts were closed as I tried ringing today.... the cheek of it!!!! how dare they have time off over Christmas.... I have to ask as my mind is getting my nerves today.. . Surely if I have filed a defence with MCOL then it has to have been served on the claimant??
  9. my mind runs away with me from time to time and over Christmas I got to thinking about Lowlife and Lowlife solicitors.. I am a bit concerned that I haven't even received a paper confirmation that my defence has been served upon the claimant. is this normal??? I know its way over 28 days since I filed my defence and I haven't heard a whisper.... Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for the response, the reason I asked was because I filed a defence for another being made against me, it was filed on MCOL and received the following morning as per MCOL.. . I have never received an acknowledgement from NCCBC that the defence has been served upon the claimant.. and what would happen if no response in 28 days from the claimant...
  11. Defence filed and received on the MCOL website today, with one day to spare.... just in case of hiccups. One query I do have, although the MCOL website says the defence has been filed, then an update of received a bit later on in the day... Does the court send out paper confirmations??......
  12. Thanks for the responses received so far, its now time to rev up the defence and get it filed before the close of play Tuesday 20th if I've got my calculations right.... here's what I have POC... By an agreement between capital one and the defendant on or around 01/07/2009 (the agreement) Capital one agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card. The defendant failed to make the minimum payments due and the agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned to the claimant.. the claimant therefor claims xxxx Defence...... 1. The Defendant contends that the particula
  13. Thanks again for your response.... Defence is due by the close of play Tuesday 20th but I plan on submitting it the Sunday night before... Still no response to CCA from Cabot, recent letter from Mortimer Clarke ignored.... I'm guessing a no paperwork defence will be the order of the day..... Please what is the easiest way of finding such a template to tweek to meet my claim from Cabot.. Stihl2015
  14. Hi All, I'm sorry to return but I again need a little bit of advice regarding a letter from Mortimer Clarke in relation to an alleged debt with capital one... I received a claim form from Cabot Financial via Mortimer Clarke.... Details below Claim Form Issue....18/11/2016 Received.... 21/11/2016 AOS Submitted... 29/11/2016 Defend all AOS Received... 30/11/2016 CCA request sent to Cabot...28/11/2016 CCA request received by Cabot and signed for.....30/11/2016 CPR request sent to Mortimer Clarke... 28/11/2016 CPR request received
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