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  1. Thanks for your reply but I think there is a misunderstanding here. - He has refused to return to complete the work, I've phoned, sent emails, suggested a written agreement and lodging a cheque with a solicitor to be provided to him when work completed. He refused and submitted the claim. - I can't settle a bill for a part rewiring and unconnected consumer board. All this work also needs certification as new installations - it's not something a responsible tradesman can leave like that - that is why I've had to hold off payment. - It's not simple to just let him go and write off the money although it would be less stressful. - I just want to know whether it's only the defence part I need to submit or the counterclaim part to allow me to pay the amount withheld to another electrician. - The cabling and holes for lighting are a separate contract he made with the prospective lessees but he did the cabling during days he charged me. The scope of work I was paying for was clearly in writing. Yes it complicates matters and is annoying but my main priority is getting the electricity reconnected.
  2. Just checked 'acknowledgement of service', I ticked 'defend all'.
  3. I've only filed acknowledgement of service. I have to do the rest the defence counterclaim form this weekend for deadline. I need advice whether my defence for withholding £1100 payment in case I need to pay another electrician to restore electricity if he continues to refuse to do goes in the defence or counterclaim section on the form.
  4. I'm confused whether it is the Defence or Counterclaim box I should write in, on a Defence and Counterclaim Form. Is the counterclaim section only for money above what I have withheld to offset another electrician completing work or is it should this section be used to claim use of the money I've withheld from him? An electrician has claimed in County Court for payment I have withheld as work left unfinished. (He has claimed nearly £1500.00 although amount withheld £1127.83. He has not put in particulars why claiming more.) £2809.44 has been paid. Lots of issues but main ones are; - Consumer board half installed - No lighting since October as circuits unconnected. - Installed cabling and made ceiling holes for 22 lights for prospective lessees, they withdrew and he has charged me for most of this. - It has seriously stressed me and affected letting of the commercial property etc. I have estimate from another electrician to finish the work, it will entail redoing some work, checking all cabling and connections made, testing, report and certification costing around the figure he is claiming. Difficult to get an exact figure for work of this nature half done. I've read I should provide estimate to claimant in writing and give him another opportunity to finish it before I get work done elsewhere.
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