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  1. Thanks I really do need to go I have an appointment at 2. Can I respond over the weekend please? i am overwhelmed at the amount of goodwill and help here thank you
  2. I have complained to HCE group and sent a copy of a Doctors letter confirming my health problems. I also asked for confirmation they had recieved it. Thaey have-by recorded mail and email. I got no reply
  3. No we didnt receive that. And I showed him my Registration of blindness and deafness. Thats when he made the comment about answering the door
  4. Northampton yes. My wigfe phoned and asked how they could get a judgement without us putting our side of bthings. she gotb some guff about paperwork they sent us. we did not get whatever it was then 2 days after phone call matey showed up. A friend suggested getting it back into court locally and trying to get instalments worked out. I spoke to the school they are not interested and referred me to their solicitors who took the line they can only act on instruction. I they can see a big pay day from this
  5. The 50%is in the school contract. I am trying to get them into our local county court but its so complicated trying to get high court permissions and transfers and in the meanwhile I think this person will come back. we live in rented accomodation. we have nothing. I was stretching myself sending my daughter there to give her a chance I never got. We really dont have this kind of money and the school know it.
  6. Yes. And the school are just going for it wikll not discuss alternatives. Never known anything like it.
  7. Hello it was for unpaid school fees. I had a stroke and was unable to carry on working. My daughter was exdpelled from the school mid term and we were charged for whole year plus 50% equalling 17000 no way I could pay it and still no way.
  8. Hello I have an outstanding high court debt. A bailiff was sent to my address by High Court Enforcement in Wales. I answered the door and explained to him I was registered both blind and deaf and that there was nobody else in the house and please could he go away as I couldnt help him. The response I got was "You answered the door therefore you are not vulnerable". I told him I wouldnt let him in. He said "Thats your right, but if I find a window or door open anytime I can get in". Apart from that being a threat to a disabled person, I thought that they could only come through a door now, and that forcible enrty was restricted to criminal fines and associated with good they had already taken possession of. Has he the right to tell me I am not vulnerable because I answered the door? His medical training must have come in useful there. I am worried about his return. Does anybody have any advice for me please?
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