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  1. thanks for you quick reply . Does anyone know of a precendent or example of when this augument was successful used to argue miss selling . I have recieved a reply back from HBOS saying that they are not of the opinion that this would be miss selling ( they would say that ) and i will now have to go to the ombubsman which would be more straigh forward if i had a previous decision to reference again thanks for your input regards
  2. Afternoon . Looking to see if anyone has had any success with the HBOS in regards to the ultimate reward packaged bank account . I opened one in 2009 and have noticed that i was paying for a card protection policy that would pay out up to £75000 if there was any fraudulent acitivy on my card after it was reported missing . My question is . as this card proection insurance was of no value (the banks having to already cover such fraud ) would including it in a package of benefits/insurances mean that the entire package was missold . Since the onus is on the banks to check that the products they where selling was suiitable . any replies much appreciated regards
  3. Morning All . Have started looking into the packaged account /fee paying account i had a few years ago . It was from Bank of Scotland . Looking through the info pack they sent to me i see that part of the monthly fee was for Card protection insurance .there are a few other insurances such as basic travel ,emergency home repair etc ,rac / aa road side assist . my question is as it was a single fee for a number of different products and one of these bundled products have being ruled to be fraudulent (card protection ) would that be sufficient grounds to reclaim the premiums paid as ultimately one of the insurances (never used any of them) was miss-sold so would mean they all are miss sold . any and all opinions appreciated regards
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