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  1. Thank you. Yes I contacted Aviva over my mums death and sent them the death certificate etc. I don't have a clue, I have received letters from solicitors acting on behalf of the RBS saying they are going to repossess my house and all sorts. When it is down to the RBS. Tomorrow I will be ringing the solicitors acting on the behalf of the RBS to explain all this to them. Hannah
  2. My mother died in May of last year, she has left a property to me and my sister. There was no will. I was living with my mum and have decided to stay in the property, but I needed a mortgage to pay my sister her half. My mum had taken out a homeowner loan (endowment) which matured after 10 years in September 2014, but the Royal Bank of Scotland have not been in contact with Aviva for the money yet. Now my conveyancing solicitor is telling me he needs the deeds to change the property into my name, but my probate solicitor is telling me he shouldn't need the deeds at all. Which makes me wonder if he's taking me for a fool as I'm a 25 year old single girl with no parents to tell me he's wrong!! The conveyancing solicitor is telling me he can't get hold of the deeds and is according to him sending out letters - which is costing me money. When surely its easier to pick up a phone. Me and my sister have done some ringing round and we found out in the same day the RBS do not have these deeds. There is plenty more to my story, but I was just wondering if any body out there knows if he indeed needs these deeds to transfer to me or not? And if the fact my mum had a homeonwer loan has anything to do with it or not? Thank you Hannah:wink:
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