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  1. vosa have booked a garage and are inspecting the car on tuesday, regarding the finance company we havent had any reply, I thought email would be best then least I have proof, I will call them tomorrow.
  2. We picked our car up Saturday 31st, from a garage near sheffield, we got finance on the car, so though at least if things don't go right we can just deal with the finance co' So believe it or not, the car started playing up, pulling to the left and knocking around, we managed to get it home as it was closer than returning to the dealer ( safely anyway) after speaking to the rude dealer who said it had just been mot'd and serviced, and putting the phone down on me a few times, it was agreed to take the car to a local garage for them to have a look at . within 5 minutes been on the ramp the guy said this shouldnt have passed an mot, there were several things wrong, warped discs with ridges, track arm failure and front ball joint failure, he said if they were to mot it , failure was on the cards and a cost of £200 to get it right, however the garage said it had just been mot;d several times over , and telling me to shut up and if i'd have paid cash i wouldnt be on the phone?/ I contacted vosa , they told me to park it on the drive till they book a garage and they will inspect it themselves. Can i withdraw from this finance, send the car back, and wash my hands of them???? Regards M
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