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  1. Yes I just saw litlle point as I tried calling Vodafone and going into the shop previously. Can you tell me how long it will be before I get a mediation date ? I'm on holiday next week and close to calling and settling before this time ..just to get it out of my head .I have so much going on its not a huge sum compared to the stress it applies.
  2. Tbh I haven't as he works for Vodafone and I called them as soon as the first debt letter arrived. Only to be told nothing they can do.
  3. Once I agree to mediation will the mediation service have the power to enforce a decision or is it possible This may go to court still?
  4. So what happens now I have agreed to mediation? Will they have to prove the debt at the mediation ? Will the mediation have the defence I have written to the courts? What do I have to do now? Sorry for the questions ,have very little time and such a stress full time.
  5. I sent the defence off some time ago and have only just received the N149a and n180. I just assumed I would either get a letter regarding a court date Or it thrown out tbh. ..now I have u til 9th April to complete small claims questionnaire.
  6. Sorry didn't see you said yes to medeation. Ok will do so ..will also try to contact lee ..maybe try to get the specifics .
  7. No not sure if I have to log in to Vodafone ..as I have no details now I'm sure I have posted my defence.. I called Vodafone at the end of a two year contract to ask for the Pac code . I was told I would be given it after full settlement of the contract 52pounds.. I paid it by debit card ...and was given the code. I specifically asked if i owed anything else and was told no. I'm sure this was correct . I had a previous contract with them that included a dongle. On the final payment they overcharged me 160.. .it took me three months to retrieve the money they took "by mistake". Everything was fine again until the final payment and the end of the contract . A huge coincidence. So could you pls explain the two scenarios ..and what they will cost . Medeation and going to court .
  8. Yes I have one from the Northampton court . And I have the copy of the Carter's. So should I go to medeation ? What is it going to cost if I go to court and lose (extra) As the debt has increased by over 100 pounds . Will Carter's need to prove I haven't paid it or will I have to find the proof from Vodafone I have . Thanks for your reply
  9. Sorry it's been a while ..just to add I also received a letter asking to call Carter and negotiate a settlement ,I find this odd as I have submitted a defence Expressing I don't owe anything! Pls help me clear this up as I have a lot of other stress in my life at the moment . Regards
  10. I sent in the defence..i have now recieved a small claims questionare. by the court and by the solicitor of lowell. pls help
  11. should I fill the challenge part in and see what happens ? Would it be in my best interests to call Bryan carter to explain (or is that pointless) Do lots of people pay just to stop the hassle , as I feel like doing but really it sickens me
  12. I have checked noddle I have one for vodaphone of 182 and one for Lowell of 34 no idea why its the same ref . I paid the final payment that was asked by debit card to Vodafone, then received the PAC code.. ..I have not paid any money.
  13. This claim is for 182 the amount due under an agreement between the original crediitor and the defendant . This debt was assigned to /purchased by lowellportfolio ltd on 05/09/2013 Issue date 22 Jan 15 They are also claiming 14.60 interest 25 court fee 50 solicitors costs...total 272 Mobile phone bill After 2007 Claim is not by the original creditor I received a notice from Vodafone and called them ... I even received the PAC code to unlock the phone as I had paid in full I'm not sure of my last payment ,should I call Vodafone ? I had long conversation explaining the whole situation and going through the dates of payment ...at the end the agent for Vodafone said its gone to a debt collector and hung up.. .is it possible to get the phone conversations from Vodafone? What's a CCA pls ? And as its a mobile phone issue what do I do now ? Thanks 46m ...very stress full
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