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  1. I seriously don't want to go back there, and I don't want anything to do with them ever again. I'll never go inside a Primark again and I don't care about the stuff they took from me. I'd love to be able to laugh about it and relax but I think it's still too early to do that. I just want to be sure that there will be no consequences if I don't pay the fine. I know you told me not to, and the family said the same thing, that they have no right to do such a thing, but they scared so much that I just can't relax. I just want to leave this awful experience behind me. Thank you for your h
  2. Thank you, Silverfox! I also asked for advice to the parents of the family I worked for (both important lawyers) and they told me that I will have no criminal record, because to have it they had to call the police right away, but they didn't. They also don't know anything about RLP and told me that it is illegal to ask for fines for that, and it is blackmail to threat people to arrest them if they don't pay. I returned the goods (that were mine), I know I don't have to pay and I know that I shouldn't worry so much, but I still am a bit, because it was awful, and I felt ashamed for no rea
  3. Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your help. I'm a bit worried and I thought that maybe you can help me. Today I was in Oxford Street. I went to Primark and bought two tops and a jacket. In the afternoon I met a friend in Stratford and to wait for her I went to Primark again to buy some hangers and socks. While I was in there I decided to buy the same top I bought in the morning for a friend: I took it, tried it on and then left it there because wasn't convinced. When I walked out the store a guard stopped me and told me to follow him. I have been taken to a room w
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