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  1. The matter is out of your hands now. Take the time waiting for a date to compile you bundles. Always assume that you will have to attend court - please don't take it for granted that just because they always settle, that they'll do the same with you.
  2. I'm just off out to the Dentist but take a look at my thread (link below) on page 9 post #173. At the foot of that, I have listed what happened at what stage.. The Issued date is the start of the 5 days so, in your case, the first date you need to do anything is the 27th of February. They must defend by the 13th of March.
  3. When you file with MCOL, legally they have 5 days in which to serve. That's regardless of whether they are served the very next day. They then have 14 days after that to acknowledge so the first deadline is 19 days after you originally filed. They normally do so at around 18 days. They then have a further 14 days from the original 19 days to defend. That's atotal of 33 days. As Michael said, you don't touch the judgment button unless they default on the timescale.
  4. It's £32 out of nearly 2K. If you can live with that, settle. If not (and it really is up to you - no-one will criticise you one way or the other) if the offer has a 'phone number, ring them and compare figures. Have your capital sum at the ready, and the separate interest calculation total to the day you are phoning them. I think the reason that it's short is probably that the earliest charge may have, since you started the action, fallen outside the 6 year claim limit. If that's the case, you are still entitled to it as if it wasn't for their stalling, that figure would still be counted. That, plus any interest accruing from it could add up to £32. Have that argument at the ready.
  5. Please avoid libellous words in your postings.
  6. You've just done it. You are posting on your own thread.
  7. Firstly, please keep you questions on your original thread. Do not open a new thread for every new question. I have arranged for the two that you've opened are merged. It helps us to help you. In answer to your questions, Barclays do not, as a matter of course, close accounts but there is always a possibility. That's why this site encourages people to open a parachute account where Direct Debits etc can be transferred in the unlikely event that they do close an account. Of course it's worth taking them to court but it's entirely up to you. What they are doing is wrong. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do.
  8. Excellent result, well worth the wait and perseverence. Enjoy the money.
  9. If the court are yet to ask for them, in the eyes of the law, they don't exist - yet. So you cannot claim for them.
  10. If the Court havn't asked for th bundle, then don't send it. Mine are still in my possession because they settled before.
  11. It means your bundles. You need to compile them and send them to the bank. Do it ASAP. Don't panic, it's fairly standard. Good Luck.
  12. It's not working days. It includes weekends and public holidays.
  13. Congraulations and well done. Please complete the survey and a donation to the site would be gratefully received. Will arrange thread move and re-naming of your original thread.
  14. Go back to your thread to post because we can't keep track of you when you hijack other peoples.
  15. It would help if you describe the stages that you've gone through so far. Have a look at my thread here and to post #173 at the bottom of which I have a list of dates and actions taken. When you do, I or someone will be able to guide you.
  16. Mr Moo. Welcome to the Barclays forum. Please open a thread of your own and post all your questions/comments there. Click on this link, scroll down 5 or 6 clicks of the mouse and you'll see a box called "New Thread". Start there. Good Luck
  17. It's more a matter of how long before the Court date that they settle. About one to two weeks looks like becoming a standard time-scale.
  18. That is possible. If you look at the statements they sent you, there's a dotted line running horizontally across the page somewhere. You will find that at the same day the next month. That is the accounting date they use in your particular account for each month.
  19. I used the England Simple Excel version but if you don't have the Excel program installed in your PC then you will have to use one of the alternatives.
  20. Send you bundle only after the Court have asked for it. I didn't need to send mine because the bank settled. Why incur another un-necessary expense of postage!
  21. Just amend the claim figure, excluding the 8% interest in the LBA, then you'll be back on track. Remember to send the schedule minus the interest with the LBA.
  22. The letters between you and the bank will suffice. Courts do not seem to do things in a standard way. Some have an allocation hearing, others a directions hearing and quite honestly, I don't know the difference except that the Banks seem to settle before either hearing date. therefore, if the Court wants your bundle by a certain time then you must comply.
  23. Hi, and welcome to the Barclays Forum. Provided you've sent them the SAR letter from this website, then that gives them 40 days to comply with your request for the information they hold on you. If you get them any earlier then that's a bonus. Just for the record though, the 40 days include weekends and public holidays so when they mention 10 working days, it means around two weeks.
  24. What type of Hearing is it? I would have thought that they'd have contacted you by now although it's not unheard of for them to miss some.
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