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  1. i shall protect the rights of the company until they reply my letter before action. If they insist on not paying the repairmen fees, then ill update this thread regarding the name of the dealer. Hopefully a legal action could wake up their minds.
  2. I've sent a text message explaining the full situation. so I should sent a Letter before action? In addition should I call BMW to get pictures of the corroded parts and maybe a letter confirming their findings?
  3. The problem is the dealer refuse to take responsibilities as it has pass the "warranty " dates and the issue only happened this month. But bmw manufactur said the problem happened due to corrosion,which couldn't happen overnight within a period of 4 months. If they refuse to pay the reparment fees, would I be in favor if I file a legal complaint through "small claim courts"?
  4. So i've purchased a 2nd hand BMW320i from a dealer. All was good until recently the car starts jerking violently. Ive sent it to KWIT- FIT and they couldnt find where the problem is, hence they advise me to bring it to the BMW manufacture. After the diagnostic test, they quoted me a 1600pounds replacement fee!!!!! The car was 5xxx pounds. Ive purchased it in october, and drove less than 3000miles. I've also tried to call the dealer but they refuse to take up any responsibility. The BMW manufacture told me the ABS wheel sensor for both rears and the rear drive shaft was corroded. I would like t
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