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  1. Hi, yes we have asked BM if we could port the mortgage ? They said it is possible but they have no in house staff to deal with it ? They suggested we contact a broker! Thanks
  2. Hi all 1.At the moment my partner and I are living in her buy to let property , we are hoping to move very soon! 9 months before her current 2 year Fixed mortgage ends. 2.If possible she would like to change it to a residential mortgage and also avoid any legal fees eg early repayment. Birmingham Midshires Buy to let Current mortgage £109k Current property purchased at £162500.
  3. I phoned BLS Collections Lloyds and was told that they cannot remove the defaults! Feel as though ive been sucked into the default trap not really knowing if I would be getting defaults or not ! I would have paid the full amount and avoided the defaults if I knew then how much it would effect me getting a mortgage!
  4. Hi all! I would like to know if I can have defaults removed from my Credit file! On the Experian credit History Its got a Red 8 indicating; "The account is in 'default'. You failed to keep to your credit agreement and have not responded satisfactorily to requests to bring your payments up to date, so the credit agreement has ended." I have bank statements showing a payments were made up untill we pertially settled! I paid partial settlement on both accounts and as I remember was not aware at the time that I would be getting defaults on these debt's I have two Defaults with the same company Lloyd s bank.. Two years before and up until the time these debts were partially satisfied we had been using NDL Calculator to work out how much we could afford to pay our creditors. Any help on this would be appreciated!
  5. Hi all! Back in Oct 2006 I sent prelim letters & in due course LBEs to reclaim my & my partners LTSB credit card penalties!! Since this due to being busy with other claims I have not got round to finishing them. Can anyone advise me if I need to start again from prelim or just go for another LBA or even maybe MCOL/N1????????????
  6. Hi all ! I sent a prelim request for repayment of charges back in 9th OCT 2006 and have not had eneugh time to follow it up since!!! Can anyone advise me if I need to write another prelim of go straight for the LBA ???????
  7. Yes Its very good news thanks Gary!I have sent the letters thanking everyone & to there solicitors. Now I know that someone else has had a sucessfull 2nd go I will be confident to try myself
  8. Since this claim was started back in september untill we stoped useing the account in December they have managed to charge us another £200 plus in Penalties !! Should I start another claim now?? or wait a bit.
  9. Success at last!! After my phone call to Lloyds solicitors they more than toped up what they owed us so I can finally say THIS claim is dun;)
  10. Phoned the court on the 26th and was informed that they had moved the hearing date as the defendant was going to settle ??????? & yes yes another sucess Lloyds have payed up !!!! well all but £40 ish?? So I thaught?? So I phoned to query this point with there solicitors who phoned back to say they made it £80 was still owing ?? BONUS
  11. Just read some threads & the mail peice about how the bailiffs seem to have bungled declan purcells claim or not?? Still not sure what to do if Lloyds ignore/wont pay etc ?? I will have to take time off to apply for judgment on fri Morning! I need to decide what to do & how to do it by then?? I suppose you just ask at the court for the court bailiffe to recover the money??
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