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  1. For general interest and future reference, here is the final (successful!) e-mail correspondence between myself and Three's Executive Office. I hope it's okay to post it here – please let me know if I need to move it elsewhere, redact differently or change the format. Subject: Re: alleged (and disputed) debt, Three Mobile account no. *********** Dear **********, Thank you for your letter dated **********. It was certainly a present surprise to hear from a Three employee, given that I have not received a response to previous correspondence. Since I have not r
  2. One more question: as part of their apology, Three have offered me a 'goodwill payment' of £75. While £75 would be nice (and would cover the cost of phone calls and registered delivery letters I've wasted over the past 2 and a half years), I'm not totally satisfied with Three's explanation. If I accept the £75, is that an implicit acceptance of the apology and an agreement to draw the line under the whole affair? I am tempted to make a subject access request and see exactly what documents and correspondence they have regarding my account. But if I accept the £75 do I forfeit my righ
  3. Quick update – I sent an e-mail to Three (and Lowell) outlining 6 points for them to address and notifying them that I would be contacting the Information Commissioner, Ofcom and the Financial Omsbudsman... and received an e-mail from the Executive Office today apologising, offering me a refund, and promising to remove the default from my account within 28 days Thank you all for the advice (I will be making a donation) Let me know if you'd like me to post the letters up on the forum (if that's appropriate/permitted)
  4. Thanks for the offer of help thunderballs. Lowell have put the matter on hold for now and are asking Three for more information, but I expect I will hear back. I am a bit concerned that Three in particular may claim not to have received correspondence from me – they have failed to acknowledge and reply to any letter I have sent. I don't actually have any e-mail address for Three, so if you could PM me some, that would be a great help – thank you! (I don't have enough posts to send a PM)
  5. One more question – sorry. If Lowell issue a court claim, will they have to provide evidence of the debt, and will I get to see this? Are they able to issue a court claim without evidence?
  6. Thank you all for the advice. No, I don't inform them of my new address – I moved abroad, and cancelled my contract before I left for that reason. I therefore had no reason to believe they would need to contact me, and nor did they ask for a contact address. Nevertheless, months after the cancellation date, money continued to be taken from my account from Three via Direct Debit. In addition to the standard monthly fee, there also appeared to be extra charges added on – only a few extra pounds, but since I wasn't able to use my old mobile after I moved abroad I ca
  7. Hello, this is my first posting – apologies if I ask obvious questions, but I'm new to the world of debt collection! Any help would be hugely appreciated. (Apologies, too, for the long post) I'm being chased for a debt from Three Mobile, which I don't believe I owe. The first I heard about the debt was an e-mail from a debt collecting agency – I had moved abroad, and so Three didn't have my address. (I therefore didn't receive any letter from the mobile phone company requesting the money.) After receiving the e-mail, I replied to the debt collection
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