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  1. THANK YOU very much guys. Just wanted to be sure. (Can't sleep though) I'll keep you posted.
  2. Hello, I am not here to apologize for what I did, I already have and I am really ashamed. I am not from the UK, I was just visiting when this shameful action took place(By the way I am 20). You already know the whole story and I have read thousands of posts myself reassuring that the only thing I have to do is ignore them. The amount I was accused of shoplifting was rougly 20 pounds(the total receipt amount was more the 70 pounds), while the amount I am asked to pay is 130 (same old story). I am just here to make 100000000% sure that I won't be facing any consequences for not paying the amount. ANY, that means entering the country again, prosecution, courts, criminal record etc. No police involved, just a policeman standing by at the door. Typical procedure, copy of my driving licence, they theoretically took a photo of me and asked to write down name, address, postal code etc. Please don't judge, definitely the biggest mistake in my life. I am sorry for repeating the same thoughts as anyone has after receiving this letter. I am very willing to pay the amount if that means that they will be over with me but from what I have read they might be not. Sorry for my English. Please somebody just assure me once again that I won't be facing any legal matters apart from receiving a bunch of letters. Thank you in advance guys, I really appreciate your contribution.
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