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  1. Linzi, I would like to thank you for your help in dealing with this matter. I would also like to note to those who have commented/read this thread the end result. Carcraft's drive happy guarantee carry's T&C's which only allow cancellation up to 30 days - as DX said above this could be challenged, In my case however carcraft have emailed for speed and posted a letter offering to cancel my guarantee with no further cost's to myself. In my case i did state that my priority was to cancel the policy to prevent further costs and not seeking a refund of mo
  2. Hi Linzi, Have we managed to make any progress with the above? I was contacted by carcraft merely to let me know they were looking into this for me but still to date have not had anything back. Regards Matt
  3. How about the NHS dealing with overweight people? I know lets fine overweight people caught in a takeaway car park or queue!
  4. DX, How do i go about reclaiming the warranty? I hardly have high hopes carcraft will do anything to help my situation. Regards Matt
  5. AND...... before you say i can get the car serviced at my local dealer then apply for payment, Your rules/Regs for doing so are far too complex for me. I pay you a monthly payment already to then pay for a car service and try and justify and claim that back from carcraft.. ..Id rather not have the stress. Regards Matt
  6. Linzi, I am aware that i can't cancel under the 30 days from purchase clause. BUT i have not used this service i am not looking for a refund of monies already paid i just want to not pay anymore for a service that is no use to me. The car reg is ..... I have made two attempts to book the car in for service but unless i get there before dinner on a Saturday i will have to take day of work just to get my car serviced!! And god forbid they say it wont be ready or there is a problem waiting for a part etc. I'll be car less stuck in Roch
  7. Hi Linzi I purchased the car July 2013 from your Trafford Centre branch. Regards Matt
  8. I can get the car serviced at the local SEAT dealer in Stockport for less than I have paid so far with carcraft drive happy. I'm not following the like PPI thing?
  9. Obviously i signed and accepted the agreement at the time without calculating the extra cost to get my car to the garage.
  10. Hi all, I've had a good google around for an answer but seems to be misleading. I purchased a car from the lovely Carcraft and had this drive happy guarantee pushed on me which at the time seemed like the wise thing to do. I've since come to the point where it really isn't cost effective for me to drive from my home in Macclesfield to either Liverpool or Rochdale for a car service, As such I'm yet to get the car serviced at all and have now paid roughly 6/7 payments at £50 a go. Is there a way out of this contract?
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