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  1. Hi everyone, I'm currently very stressed dealing with an npower problem. I moved address last year ( May 2014 ) I told npower this and they closed my account for the previous address. A few weeks on i got a final bill for gas, i queried the amount with them and they said i would hear back from them. Weeks past and i heard nothing, i struggled to find anything out over the phone with them too. I then logged on to my account and saw that they had reversed the bill, i kept checking and waiting to hear from them but got nothing. The next thing i notice, when i went to my online account there were transactions stating Total Write Off Due To Late Bill, At the same time i remember hearing others having this done due to late bills and billing problems, Throughout the next few months they were adding other transactions to my account stating total write off due to late bill, this continued until the final transaction was placed on 21st January 2015. Throughout the whole time i had a zero balance and they had written everything off. Fast forward to May 2015, i receive a bill from them for £575! I couldn't believe it, The first thing i notice is it says final bill for your gas and electric, This is the FIRST TIME they have billed me for electric and included it in a bill, They have never billed me for electric for some reason, I setup a gas and electric account and i even remember them telling me about a duel fuel discount. But its taken this long for them to actually now bill for electric and they have only estimated it which i'm not happy about, They never done thing correctly and considering they have not billed me for electric ( for some odd reason ) Its not going to be possible to get the usage correct after all this time. I was also really frustrated that they have written the bill off and for months the account was closed with a zero balance. I sent them a complaint and i got a very unhelpful reply, It said, Your debit balance is £575 and this is your final bill, We had written it off but then realized your account wasn't eligible to be written off. This is all they said, surely its unfair to write it off and leave it like this for months and then cancel it all? They have made mistakes left right and center. They made multiple bill amounts written off so they should of known what they were doing was right or wrong and its left me very stressed. The other problem is in their reply they stated they will wait to hear back from me before closing the complaint but they said debt collection and letters will continue to be sent, I thought they would at least of placed it on hold while i have this dispute from them. The service is shocking, they make all these mistakes & then treat me like this by sending all these debt letters and phone calls, i have replied further to the complaint but i've yet to hear back. Does anyone know where i may stand on this? I'll point out my key points of the problems with them. 1. Never been billed for electric until May 2015 ( Moved in November 2013 ) 2. Bill was written off over months and never heard anything until they said we made a mistake. One other thing in their reply was please make payment as soon as possible, it seems they completely ignored the points i made in my complaint as i had many questions unanswered. I got another debt letter from them today about court action and i just feel sick with worry because this is not my fault, they have made mistakes and couldn't care less about speaking to me about it. I hope someone might be able to give some advice, Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Thank you for your reply. So you think an AP is better than having a default? I did go through and income and outgoings with them, And they said the minimum was £12.52 at the time, They are taking a small amount of interest each month still. All fees have been frozen though. Its tough to decide because if my financial circumstances improve & i can clear the debt a lot quicker then having a default registered probably isn't the best option. However assuming i'm on the arrangement for a long time with all these AP markers showing, that's when i think would it be better if its a default
  3. Hi there everyone, I'm on an arrangement to pay with Aqua Credit Card. I have been reading lots of things last night and its now come to my attention how negative an arrangement to pay actually is. I have had the arrangement in place since September 2013 and still have a balance of £700 paying £12.52 per month on the arrangement. Am i right in thinking that it might best i intentionally default the account so it registers as a default instead of having the arrangement to pay marker on their every month, As once the account is cleared the Arrangement to pay marks will stay for a further 6 years. Instead if i default it for example next month it will stay as a default and then i can still make the payments but the default will then come off after 6 years. I'm trying to get the best possible advice on this before these AP markers keep being added on. I would like to think i could have the option to get credit in the future, I've managed to sort a few debts out and things are slowly getting there, but if these AP markers are going to stay on for 6 years once the account is settled then i really am unsure what to do. I hope someone could possibly share / give some advice. Thank you.
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