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  1. thanks for your reply, you mean to ignore them? i want to sue these people can I ?
  2. Hello again, last Friday i received a letter from C R S demanding a new money on behalf of Harland as well as hundreds of texts and phone calls which i didn't answer any ..any help?
  3. Thank you Slick for your reply i will send this letter tomorrow, and see. i already have a record of payments for 12 months and also a copy of my cancellation form submitted by hand in my local gym, i do belive that they extended my contract for January without my consent and ignored my cancellation.
  4. I'd read some of threads and got a good information on how to deal with them, but my question now is, my contract is 12 months till the end of December 2014 so did I have to cancel my membership in the first place ? or it is automatically would be cancelled as i made my cancellation on 14th December 2014.
  5. Thank you. I went through some threads but i couldn't find a similar situation as mine. If you indicate or refer me to a similar one it will appreciated Many thanks xx
  6. thank you for your reply but they mentioned that on 17th February 2015 another £25.00 will be added and so on. shall i ignore all that ? and if so wouldn't that affect my credit score?
  7. Hii every one, I have a serious problem with Xercise4less gym as i signed up for one year contract by the end of my contract I have had no intention to continue i went to the gym and asked the reception lady to make a cancellation for my membership in November she advised me that i have to cancel my membership by 14th December to avoid extra charges, i came back on 14th of December and made my cancellation, i received a letter from Harland group asking me for £34.99 for a returned payment £25.00 and £9.99 for January monthly installment
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