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  1. hi all Thanks to everybody for the help Till today I have not received any writing from the car park team I have just checked the PCN in their website and the message I got "This ticket has already been paid or has been closed" So I am assuming it has been cancelled
  2. Got it armadillo71. thanks
  3. Thanks armadillo71 for your input. Yes I will consider your advice. One other thing, if they rejected the appeal and provided the code and I appealed to POPLA, will the discounted price deadline still be reserved until I get a response from POPLA?!
  4. My appeal was online. Tomorrow or the day after, I will follow it up with a letter by post. I could say the same statement above and mention a reason. What do you think?
  5. Thanks Will they come back to me saying what it is my reason?
  6. Dear Ericsbrother thanks a lot for your prompt and helpful reply. I just appealed online and I will follow with a written appeal by post on Monday. I will make sure I have a record of the mail. I have written in my appeal Dear Sir/Madam, As the registered keeper of vehicle reg. no. ### ###, I am not liable for this charge. Please cancel this parking charge notice forthwith, or alternatively provide a validation code for the independent appeals service POPLA Best Regards
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am the register keeper of the car. I have received the letter today. See the letter attached [ATTACH]55707[/ATTACH]
  8. Today I have received a letter from Euro Car Park stating that I have to pay £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days) because the car parked in Crown Street Car Park/Bolton They put the photos of the number plate and the in and out time. It was only 15 minutes. The other thing, My friend who used the car did not leave it. He stayed inside the car and then drove off It was on 23/01/15 afternoon time The letter says that: On the 23/01/15 you were the registered keeper of the vehicle: Or you have been named by the registered keeper as the driver when there was a breach of terms and conditions of parking. We are using cameras to capture images of vehicles entering and leaving the car park and calculate their length of stay. Signage on the car park clearly informs of the terms and conditions. The parking charge notice xxxxxxxxxx has been issued because the vehicle was parked at crown street - Bolton, Crown street, , Bolton, BL1 2RU. As no valid pay and display/permit was purchased this was in breach of the terms and conditions at this site. It then mentions Schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms act 2012. Please tell me what to do
  9. Hi Elffin, I have received the same letter today from the same car park. Please let me know how I can avoid it. The thing is I did not leave the car, I stayed in the car for 15 minutes and now they are asking for £100
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