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  1. This is where I am confused as it states on the "Charge for Payment" that payment should be made to Shoosmiths. Since I want to make an offer to pay, who do I make the offer to? The Sheriff's officers or Shoosmiths? I was under the impression that the Sheriff's officers won't automatically do anything after 14 days and wait for further instructions.
  2. I'm assuming a Decree is the same as a CCJ in England & Wales. A court has found that I owe the money and have to pay them. I also read where someone was essentially told they will only accept full payment once they have the court judgement (CCJ or Decree).
  3. Interested to know how you get on. I've had a similar experience which to date has resulted in me being served with a Charge for Payment yesterday. I have 14 days to respond. The balance on mine is £2,200. I plan to offer them £50pm as that's about as much as I can realistically afford. I wonder if they will accept that?
  4. Judging by what I've been reading it looks like I'll have to settle this somehow since they have a decree. I've done an I & E and plan to send them this next week along with an offer to pay £50pm. The outstanding amount is £2200. Do you think they are likely to accept that? How inflexible are they?
  5. No because it was completely forgotten about. Unsecured debt can still be included in a trust deed even if not specifically mentioned. I had an income tax underpayment written off because I was in my trust deed at the time.
  6. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. I had a student loan in 1997 (which I totally forgot about). A few months ago I received a letter from Erudio about it. As this was the first I had heard from them for 17 years, I replied back to them stating I believed it to be statue barred. Today while at work, a sheriff's officer left a citation at my home with my wife. It's actually a copy of a Charge for Payment from a court from 2002. This is the first of me being aware of this and telling me I have 14 days to £2,200!! Now, in May 2010 I entered into a trust deed which became protected. I was successfully discharged from this in March 2014. I guess I'm wondering what I do next? Just as I thought I was getting my finances back in order, this appears! What are my options? If I have to pay it, will they accept a full & final or a slightly reduced amount? Can I pay it up?
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