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  1. Hey, thanks for the replies everyone Just to be sure that I was doing the right thing by following your advice, I got some free legal advice from a random solicitors in my town I read the letter word for word over the phone, and she advised me to contact RLP and see if I can pay it back over instalments Now I'm confused because you guys are telling me just to ignore it, but the solicitor is saying not to :/ I really don't know what to do... Why would the solicitor tell me to pay? Nope, I was paraphrasing
  2. Great news, guys!! Thanks for the replies! Obviously I won't be doing this again, but I'm really glad that this isn't going to cost me £200 because I really can't afford that! (I have been told by the DWP that i'm "unfit for work" ._.) Thanks again, guys Actually, they asked for £197.50... Do I win an award?
  3. Ah. So it's just some intimidation bull****... big surprise there! I contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau and am awaiting their response, but I expect it will be the same as yours since they have some pretty damning opinions of "civil recovery" in their 'Unreasonable Demands' report Thanks for taking the time to respond, guys
  4. I'm 25 from the UK. Just before Christmas I got really drunk and went out to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Whilst out, I decided to try my hand at shoplifting in Debenhams. I was caught. The police were called, but they took me home instead of to the police station (which was fortunate) after I told them that I live in supported living (kinda like a care home dealio) due to my Autism. They took me home and confirmed my story and said I will need to come for an interview. Long story short: the police cancelled the interview & dropped the charges after I signed up for an alcohol help/counselling service (I have a long, long history of doing idiotic things while drunk). I've been going to that every week since then. I think it also helped that this was my first time shoplifting (or being charged with anything) Now, almost a month later, I receive a letter from "RLP - The Civil Recovery Specialists since 1998" saying that Debenhams are threatening me with a civil lawsuit for my heinous crimes against humanity. I was instantly suspicious of this letter, however, as I haven't actually been charged or cautioned for anything yet, and the letter did say the shoplifting was 'alleged' -- so how can they threaten me with legal action for a crime that is only alleged? How can they take me to court if I've not been charged with any crime? Would this actually go to court if I ignored the letters? What should my response be? Thanks guys
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