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  1. I told the inspector that I travelled to university 3 times a week, from Sladegreen to London. He asked me where do you live I said Sladegreen and he asked me for how long for which I answered 6 years. He then asked me do you know this is a zone 6 station for which I said no and then he asked me again and I said no. Back in October 2014 I was buying the zones 1-6 travelcard but then started to buy the zones 1-2 travel and they saw this on the checking machine and asked me you obviously knew that you had to buy zones 1-6 as you have bought it in the past for which I answered my friend told me I could use zones 1-2 (which is stupid I know but didn't know what else to say). He then asked me you travelled from zones 1-6 with a zone 1-2 travelcard how do you intend to pay for your travel between zones 2-6 for which I didnt know how to answer and he asked was you trying to avoid paying the full fare amount for which I said yes (I disagreed to this question when I was asked the same question earlier). He then asked for my friends name and address for which I didnt give the address but gave a name. He asked me whether I travelled with the same ticket yesterday for which I had to say yes.
  2. He asked for my friends details as i said my friend told me i could use a zone 1-2 travelcard. The train company is southeastern.
  3. Hi, I university student and I travel from slade green in kent to london and I have a 16-25 student oyster card. I used to get a zone 1-6 weekly travelcard on my oyster but started to get zone 1-2 weekly travelcard thinking i would be ok with it. Got caught today by an inspector at slade green station and was cautioned and was asked severall questions. I told them my friend said I could use a zone 1-2 travel card and said I didnt know that it was a zone 6 station. They asked for my friends name and address but i only gave his name. I know its totally my fault dont know what to do. What will happen next, would I be prosecuted? Really scared. Any advice please.
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