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  1. Hi, in 2013 I hired a car from Europcar in Rome. I paid in advance and, after an uneventful rental period, returned the car. After, and with no warning or correspondence, an 'administration fee' was charged to my credit card for a supposed traffic violation. I queried this immediately but was told by Europcar that the 'authorities' would be in contact with me regarding the offence. It has now been over 18 months since I hired the car and no one has tried to contact me about any such offence. I therefore contacted Europcar again saying that I presumed that no such violation ever existed and consequently I wanted a refund of the fee. They have replied saying that, as per the T&Cs, they have fulfilled their legal obligation by providing my details to the 'authorities'. How can they be allowed to do that? I have no proof that any traffic violation ever happened. Without proof how do I know that the charge is not bogus? If they are allowed to do this then it is a licence to print money from their customers (whether or not there was a traffic offence or not). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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