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  1. one more post then i am done the reason it seems nvidia are not being very truthful is this they have blamed this on a error in communication between engineering and pr they say pr assumed the architecture was the same as the gtx 980 which has lead to the review websites and retailers being misinformed and then consumer but if you look a little deeper this dont make sense on two parts. 1 what tech company dose not read its own reviews to check they are correct what no engineer read one review and saw and saw 64 rops instead of 56 or a 2048kb l2 cache instead 1792kb l2 cache no
  2. The info bellow is just what is was looking for thank you again BankFodder as far as i can see UK laws have been broken i would post link but need 10 post so will paste this for any one in the same boat most interesting is the bit in red dont just refund you card seek legal advice Section 13: sale of goods by description SGA 1979 implies conditions relating to sale of goods by description sale of goods act 1979 S13 Sale by description S13(1): goods will correspond with the description S13(1A): a condition S13(2): if sale by sample & by description it is not suf
  3. no nvidia knew you dont introduce new architecture 4 months down the line after everybody has brought the card i got this card with the intention of getting a second one when the consumer oculus rift comes out a mininum of 2k each eye 3.5 vram with .5 tacked on so they can call it 4 is not going to be any good to me. This card was part of brand new build that has cost me over a £1000 the mobo sli compatable psu capable of powering two cards totally unacceptable if nvidia think they refund and thats all i am not paying for nvidias mistakes they make if accept the refund i am going to hav
  4. Hi to all i own a Msi gtx 970 graphics card and over last weekend it has been confirmed by NVIDIA’s Senior VP of GPU Engineering Mr J Alben in a online article (tried to link article would not let me) that nvidia have made an error (or lied:?::? in the spec sheet given to review websites last year and intern has led to consumers being misled with false specification. It has taken nvidia two weeks to come clean about this since consumers first noticed something might be wrong with the card it has also taken them another 3 days to decide they will give a refund to anyone who wants one
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