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  1. Like I said earlier I am actively seeking work. I just do not want to be bullied by them. The problem with this evidence gathering is that I'm not really using UJM for job searching. I find alternative sites are equally as good if not better. I also do not use online email accounts for contacting employers. I have my ISP email alias for that. Does this mean I must screen shot my private email accounts too?
  2. Cheers George, that spreadsheet file looks the dogs. I will certainly use that. I am sure I will have no trouble with the Job Centre as I am actively looking for work and not a free ride. But in past experiences with these people its best to be prepared. Mr.P. Seems after a quick look at that file you linked the Job Centre are flipping the finger at the DPA. Paragraph 88 is the killer blow!
  3. Hello. I have signed on for the first time in a while. My initial interview with my Work Coach didn't go exactly how I had hoped. She mentioned she would be requiring evidence of my work search and since I hadn’t granted her access to my UJM account she could request that I show her either printouts from my UJM account or that I log in at one of the IAD's within the job centre so she could physically look at my account on screen. Now I know I am protected by the Data Protection Act from granting her access to my UJM account. But surely being forced into giving her printouts and her viewing my account on-screen is still a violation of the DPA? I have hunted around for Official Evidence to hit the Work Coach with when I eventually decline these requests, but to no avail. Is there anyone who could provide me with a link to a document that I could print out and show to my work Coach and basically shut her up? Thanks for reading.
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