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  1. Ok going to update this for a final time, EVERYTHING IS GOOD!! Thank you for all your support and assistance in this, and thank you car craft customer services for actually helping out (eventually) Again I can't say thanks enough! Pete.
  2. GOOD NEWS! We finally have the car back... bad news... air-con doesn't work! I think that it hasn't been re-gassed since the engine change, but at least we have a car back and it does appear to drive well. So YAY Thanks for the support here, Now do I go through the agro of telling them that the air-con isn't working or do I just go to ATS Euromaster and get it re-gassed for £30?
  3. Update... Call received from CarCraft on Friday from James, must admit he is doing his best to keep me informed even if he does ramble on at times.. the car has had a replacement engine put in, and is awaiting its final road tests Also been told that CarCraft Servicing Chertsey are covering the rest of the bill so no cost to me. Just got to wait and get it back now, hopefully should hear something Monday or Tuesday. It can't take that long to road test the car and get it back to me.
  4. The fault has been diagnosed as a cracked piston... so they are replacing the engine.. warranty company have agreed to pay "maximum" amount of £1,000... but there is no price given for the repairs at this time.. got a call today while I was at work, really inconvenient time but wanted to get an update.. If CarCraft think I'm paying for it then they can think again.. . I'm not impressed, they aren't even sure if I will get the car back next week according to James at CarCraft..
  5. Well its been another week and no car, So update.. . car was picked up after speaking to James and was sent to West Midlands, they spent a couple of days stripping down the engine.. no one has told me what failed yet. .. however good news I think on the horizon.. . parts have been ordered, and car should be fixed by the end of this coming week, and should be back at the Chertsey branch early next week... ... now if parts have been ordered does that mean they have found the fault, and there is no bill to myself?? or does it mean we're going to fix it and bt
  6. An update: I called Chertsey this morning and spoke to the service manager there, he informed me that the car was picked up on Thursday and he would be calling West Midlands, seems they have quite a few work bays up there (30+) unlike the 3 or 4 that Chertsey have, and the car would be looked at quickly, and he'd be calling them Wednesday evening / Thursday morning for an update. Then... around 3pm I got a call from James in customer services, and he did say the car was being worked on and was quite a way in being stripped down but they needed to go further, and
  7. Well, they admitted they didn't have the tool to redo the timing chain on the car, I can't see what is so special about a hyundai's timing chain to all others, but they said that Hyundai wouldn't sell them one either so it was not possible for them to continue. BUT they didn't charge me for any investigation work as they couldn't perform any! so that is a +1 for Halfords in one way. Mind you saying that when I was in there getting my wiper blades done on my company van they did admit the engineer that they had working on my car was no longer with them as he had
  8. They gave me the 7 day drive home insurance, and I got a few calls trying to sell insurance after that. They also tried to "sell" me a 3 year warranty package, I only know this as I received the paperwork through the post for the finance for it, and looked at it and thought WTF is this! got straight on the phone and told them NO! didnt sign up for it so not accepting it also followed up with 3 emails and a letter and a few calls to Chertsey's in house finance team, that quickly got the message through. Haven't heard anything since last post.. . guess its a call
  9. Maybe Linzi here would like to answer that one on behalf of CarCraft ? I have some driving to do now as just finishing work a little early, to go and run my kids around for Gym/Amateur Dramatics.
  10. Thanks for the info Conniff, Spoke with Advantage Finance, got put through to Sarah in customer services / enquiries who advised that they are a "Finance" company and don't supply courtesy cars, there is no contractual obligation to supply one, I did point out that it is a "Hire Purchase" agreement and she advised that it would be down to CarCraft to supply a courtesy car while the car is in for investigation/repair I also was advised by her as the car is over 7 months from purchase that "I" need to prove that the car was faulty at time of purchase to go ahead
  11. Hi Conniff, As the car is in my wifes name and she has been doing most of the talking to customer services until she was getting frustrated over it, she told me she did ask but was told no as its not part of the warranty to give one. I did go through the warranty book and there is nothing that states anything about being given a courtesy car either.
  12. Hi, Just to update here as I have noticed that people post issues and never state how they are doing with them, I have been contacted by CarCraft the gentleman's name slips my mind but he did call while I was walking into work, and they are moving my car from their Chertsey branch to the West Midlands one, and at no cost to myself as they can then look at it quicker and get a report back, which is good, however I didn't get an answer to "who pays for it to be fixed". As to Conniff's comment; The replacement engine that Paul at Chertsey had found had approx 30k mi
  13. Hi, I recently purchased a 2nd hand diesel car with 50k miles on the clock on finance from CarCraft Chertsey on 27th April 2014, got it MOT'd by CarCraft on 18th November (as they were unable to do service at the same time), and then serviced after 6 months / 6k miles as per the warranty requirements by CarCraft Chertsey (25th November 2014 earliest appointment that CarCraft had when called in September), and now after 7 months the car has had "catastrophic" engine failure to the point it is unusable on the road, no power, plumes of white smoke pouring out the back
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