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  1. Your policy will carry conditions with regard to both the care & maintenance of the property. Also, you will need to show this claim was both sudden & unforeseen – your home insurance policy is not designed or premium rated to pick up a poorly maintained home or general maintenance issues or claims... If you feel that your claim is fully justified, you can always make an official complaint via their Complaints process. Good luck.
  2. If your claim was settled minus the roof bars, why didn’t you take the roof bars off the car prior to it being scrapped – you could have then sold them on...
  3. It may be worth speaking with your last insurer – providing you insured the vehicle with them until "recently" losing your license...
  4. It’s not always easy to double guess how any insurer should act or do, or quite simply perhaps they only check one in two new policyholders NCD entitlement with a previous insurer. BTW, you can always ask their Complaints Team to get involved to hopefully break this logjam... Good luck.
  5. Swinton’s are an Insurance Broker, so can they not get you a copy of the actual renewal notice from the underwriter they insured you with, confirming your NCD entitlement when last with them. You can then send the same to the next insurer in the chain...
  6. To avoid any doubt speak with both your Buildings & Contents insurer(s) to explain exactly what you are doing and for what period...
  7. I would suggest it was a simple life policy that covered the mortgage amount, in the event you passed away during the mortgage period e.g. 25yrs.
  8. If and when you get the cover in place, please make sure you don’t fall foul of any “uninhabited” policy conditions e.g. weekly visits, keeping the property & garden tidy or turning the water off/draining the system down.
  9. Providing the individual clearly indentified their job and role to an insurance company, and requested the relevant usage of the vehicle all should be fine. Hire and reward, usually relates to private hire (taxi) usage which is an entirely separate issue and expensive…
  10. I don’t wish to offer any comment on your post other than to say the whole insurance buying process needs to be addressed by the FCA, as in most situations it has becoming no more than a Dutch auction...
  11. Yes, they do owe you an explanation as to why renewal is not being invited – you will also have to explain this reason to any new insurer. Your insurers will have a complaints procedure if you do not feel they’re playing fair, plus there is always the FCA/Insurance Ombudsman if this matter needs to be escalated. Good luck.
  12. Please bear in mind that some people try and get a second NCD entitlement so that they can then add a young (high risk) driver to the policy a week or two down the road…
  13. Depending on how the underwriter or comparison site pitches the question re claims &/or losses, it’s important that this matter is duly reported accordingly – you don’t want to fall foul of any non-disclosure situation at a later date...
  14. You need to understand exactly what business use is required e.g. pre arranged appointments or random cold calling. When you have this information you can then accurately relay the same to an underwriter for quotation purposes. Good luck & I hope the job works out well for you.
  15. Insurer’s will not generally deal with a maintenance claim of your property, if this ingress of water has happened over period of time i.e. not sudden and unforeseen. You can always take this up with their complaints department if you need any further clarification. I hope this is of some help to you.
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