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  1. I replied basically saying I wouldn't pay the fines just what I owed for games we played and they suddenly halved the debt. Since that email I never replied to it and no letters have come through I think that was in February
  2. I just ignored it and they haven't sent any more letters
  3. No it simply says I agree to abide by the rules of the competition but does not state where these are or what they are
  4. It also said in the form that I agree to the rules but I was not sent these till after I had signed up. In he hand book it mentions if you do not show up for a fixture but inform them before 430 you will be charged double match fees. It's a unfair term as we simply didn't have enough players those weeks and in their handbook it says they will do all they can to help us get players but when I asked for this help I got told to turn up early and ask players from other teams.
  5. All it says on the original application form is that I am responsible to fulfil and pay for all fixtures in a season. there are no terms and conditions on the actual contract which is a very basic form. We had teams not turn up 3 times and were not even informed which they could have dealt with a lot better so surely they didn't fulfil there obligation. There's nothing about paying fines for cancelling games on the contract just in the hand book, they are fining us for cancelling g games even though we gave them plenty of notice. So many teams have dropped out so that's proof it'
  6. Hello I recently left a 5 a side league at the end of our 3 season as it was run so bad. A month later I received a letter stating I owed them £250 and that a county court judgement would be issued against me if I refuse to pay. Is that likely to be won? We had to cancel 3 out of 50 fixtures as we couldn't get a team out and they charge 74 quid each time.... rip off!! So I emailed them saying I wouldn't pay it all as they ran it so badly and she replied offering to half the fines and it went down to 139 quid but I had 7 days to respond or it would revert back to 250. S
  7. Well knowone on here seems to have ever resolved the same issue and as it's 250 quid I dnt think they would go through wih the hassle of a county court judgement
  8. So you reckon I can just ignore it and they will give up? So many teams dropped out in the season as they are so badly organised. I cant see that crap application form being much use in court?
  9. Did anything ever come of this as ive go the same letter?
  10. Hello Got a letter from a 5 a side league I used to play in threatening to take me to court over 250 pound owed for canceling a few games we couldn't make. I emailed them basically telling then how bad the company was and that I wouldn't pay all the debt as it's unfair and suddenly they halved the amount owed. Is this likely to ever go to court of is it just a threat to try and scare me into paying? I have signed something at the beginning but it's a very basic starter from that doesn't include and figures. The only bit of there that maybe considered is... 'I agree to fulfill and pa
  11. Ive saved it as BMP and PNG but it just uplaods as a jpeg. All it says on the form i signed that is needed is.. " i accept full responsibility on behalf of my team to fulfill and pay for all fixtures for the season/s" "I accept that once the fixtures have been done I cannot withdraw until a replacement team is found. I agree to abide by the rules of the competition and am over 18 years" They seem to be threatening by saying things in the letter like.. "PLease be aware in the likely event of our application being successful, you will be liable for the court costs, in addition t
  12. Hello I have seen this a few times on here but before I send my reply to this people I wanted some advice. Played for a 5 a side league for a few months but recently started to have to cancel games as didnt have enough players, the season finished and we quit the league but now I have a letter stating that I Owe £250 and if its not paid by Feb 5th they will make an application to Northampton county court to recover the fees and that "in addition my credit rating with be negatively affected". The games we couldnt play we informed them well in advan
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