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  1. Hi, I just wanted to update my situation. Shop Direct today agreed to send me the PPI refund direct by cheque. I had a reposession order on my home and they agreed to pay me after asking them directly again. The FOS started investigating and i can now end my complaint with them. Many Thanks to people who gave me advice on this. Stacey
  2. Many Thanks for your advice, I have sent some serious debt paperwork to the FOS already, so will look forward to hearing from them. I will post back with the outcome
  3. Thanks for that i will have a read. My case was upheld by the FOS in October 2014, letter was sent to me then confirming this and to wait for Shop Direct to be in touch. Shop Direct eventually wrote to me in February 2015, stating the amount to be awarded and they would be off setting against the debt with Lowells. I wrote to Shop Direct and asked if it could come to me as I am in financial difficulty they rang me and said no, and they were well within their rights to offset. I called back to the FOS asking them if it was allowed and they have decided to re open my case earlier this week.
  4. The letter was from shop direct. And I also have the decision notice from the Ombudsman.
  5. It reduces it significantly. However I have a more serious debt which it would have cleared. It is a catalogue.
  6. I received a letter saying it would be offset, nothing to sign or to say i accept the decision. Also, no notice from Lowells to say they recieved the money anyway. To confuse things more Lowells have a third party acting for them which is NCO Europe who i make my monthly payments to on this account. But never had any paper work to confirm the offsetting has been received.
  7. I believe the same, but whatever the outcome I think its important to let people know. Nothing worse than never seeing an outcome on threads.
  8. Hi, just wanted to give you an update on this. Shop Direct did indeed buy the debt back from Lowells and offset the PPI comensation and then sold the debt back to Lowells. I have gone back to FOS and they have agreed to re open my case. Will post when I have some more news on this. Does anyone know with FOS the timescale of looking at a re opened case. Not sure if im looking at a couple of years again?
  9. Thankyou both for your advice. I have sent a complaint just wait and see now
  10. Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking what was the outcome of this? I am currently in the same position with shop direct and lowells. I am going to put in a complaint and ask that the refund be sent to me, just interested to see if shop direct can offset to lowells? Stacey
  11. Hi, I am new here and would like some advice as i am quite confused. I had a PPI claim with Shop Direct upheld by FOS. My account was sold on to Lowells whilst in a debt management plan, of which i still am. Lowells are not a partner of Shop Direct and they have confirmed to me that Shop Direct no longer own the debt. Shop Direct have wrote to me to say they will offset my refund straight to Lowells. I was under the impression that as the debt is no longer Shop Directs as they sold it to Lowells then this cant be done. Whilst querying this yesterday with the FOS the lady there told me as Lowells is a debt collection agency then Shop Direct can do this. I am going to put in a complaint to Shop Direct to see if I can get the refund paid to me but just wondered if anyone has any knowledge on this. I have a far more pressing debt in which this refund would have helped with alot, so hoping anyone with any advice would be able to help. Thanks Stacey
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