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  1. Thought so - it's written, will be posted tomorrow. Hopefully that'll sort it out. Thanks for your help, as always.
  2. I've just checked through all of the payplan records and found this: Egg - 24/08/2004 Eversheds - 18/02/2005 Moorcroft Group - 16/12/2008 Barclays Bank - 24/09/2015 Moorcroft Group - 24/09/2015 Yes, those last two dates are the same. Payplan never updated me on stuff like this, I just kept paying and was none the wiser. I should have made clear, I've not had ANY previous communication from Barclaycard about this debt and the reference number they have is not the same as the original egg one.
  3. Sorry, should have been more full in my details. I'd been on a payplan DMP from 2004 to September last year, paying around £15 a month (other creditors pro rata). I CCA'ed all my creditors and this debt was the only one I heard nothing about - not even a request to keep paying while they looked for my agreement. I believe all my debts had been marked as defaulted back in 2004, but I can't find the copies of my credit report from back then to check. edit: yup - related thread, DX asked me to start a new one.
  4. So here's the latest in my Egg adventures. I've had a letter from Barclaycard referring to an EGG debt, to an old address. It's attached here. It refers to a default that hasn't appeared on my file as yet. I'm fairly certain (although I don't think I have a record) that the account was defaulted in 2004. Here's the fun part - it was from an Egg credit card, Now this. Do I CCA Barclaycard for the Egg details instead? Egg_Barclaycard_default_26-02-17.pdf
  5. Thanks for the reply - sorry, I thought I'd got the thread location wrong myself, thanks for putting me right. Is it worth letting them know I won't be paying unless they come up with T&C's or should I just sit tight?
  6. Just had a thought - Am I right in thinking that only the original entity can reconstitute the credit agreement? Egg don't exist now, so it must have been reconstituted by Arrow/NCO, so wouldn't be valid even if complete? Also, I should have posted in the DCA section...
  7. Sorry, amended PDF attached. No terms included - everything in the PDF is what they sent. I should expect a couple of pages of terms as well, shouldn't I? CCA_Reply_15_02_17_edit.pdf
  8. Thanks, I'll get onto it! Here we go - this is everything they sent through...
  9. Hi all, I CCA'd an old EGG loan that had ended up with Arrow/NCOEurope last July and had a "we're looking for your agreement, please keep paying" letter in October, although they did say they didn't accept the were the creditor and returned my postal order. I had been paying them on a payplan agreement from August 2004 to August 2016, stopping after sending the CCA request. Today, they've finally provided something and it looks pretty genuine to me, although it's prefaced by an "OFT deems reconstituted agreements acceptable" cover letter. Two yearly statements are also attached covering 2008-2010. The loan was for £6000 and taken out in April 2004. I defaulted in August 2004, and the amount left is £2753.25. They now want me to provide a proposal for repayment. do I try calling them on the agreement? It's got my signature on it, but doesn't include the full terms and conditions. Or do I bite the bullet and offer them a full and final? I've no wish to be drip feeding them money for the next few years... Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I guess I am being cash cowed! What a nightmare. I'll get onto the CCA letters straight away and move on from there. Thanks so much for the advice. I'll report back! edit - sorry, I missed the question about the student loan from caro: It's from 93-96, but I moved around a lot in 1998-2002 and missed deferring, hence the default. It went to a collection agency for a bit, then back to student loans. At one point they were charging £13 a month interest, and only being paid £11. Erudio bought it, and have stopped charging interest, but I don't know if I can defer, as there was a definite default at some point.
  11. Yeah, they're all from before my DMP, which started in October 2004. Would CCA'ing them all have an effect on the DMP?
  12. Hi all, I've been on a DMP with payplan for just over 10 years. Here are the current rough scores on the doors of my creditors (payplan estimates): Cabot Financial Ltd £9,452.17 (HSBC Loan) Cabot Financial Ltd £277.27 (Cap one card) Erudio Student Loans Ltd £1,874.34 (defaulted student loan) Moorcroft Group Plc £3,410.50 (egg loan) Moorcroft Group Plc £1,145.68 (egg card) All of these are well over 6 years old, so don't have an effect on my credit, indeed, we got a new mortgage last year without any problem. I currently pay £136 a month, but can't pay more, so it'll still be a long time before these things are cleared; we could also do with that money each month - we've got a 3 and a 6 year old who deserve it spent on them instead! Has anyone got any ideas about where to go from here? I'd love to just say "stuff it - you can all have £1 a month", but I don't know if it's worth the risk - the DCAs have been very quiet and I don't much like dealing with them. (Does anyone?) Any thoughts gratefully received. Chocks
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