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  1. All, I just want to say a huge thank you for all the help and advice given to me. I did as instructed and did the MCOL thingie, i sent the 2 letters to Arrow and Restons and requested the CCA and docs etc, there time frame to reply and provide the docs has long come and gone:) I contacted MCOL today, and their deadline to respond to my defence was 28th feb, they have not responded and the case is now STAYED, so it seems they were simply taking a chance and hoping i like i am sure many will simply roll over and pay out of fear. But due to the helpful and
  2. Thanks DX sorry that was just a typo, MCOL is what i meant Grant
  3. DX, excuse my ignorance, but do i have to notify the CMOL, that they have not complied, or do i wait to tell the judge if it goes to court? I am a bit of a worrier and to be honest have worked very hard to get my credit file to the good point it is now and dont want a stupid mistake made by my ignorance to have an effect on that. Grant
  4. I have just realised i addressed both letters to Arrows, i did post the correct letters to the correct people, just the actual letter is addressed to Arrows , not Restons, is this going to be a issue? The cpr 31.14 was sent to Restons and the CCA request to Arrows Grant
  5. removed - please read our rules on templates - dx
  6. THIS IS A COPY OF THE CPR 31.14 LETTER I SENT TO ARROWS Dear Sir, removed - please do not post our templates in the open forum - dx
  7. Gents, a update of this situation....... I acknowledged on mcol site, i sent the form to Arrows and restons as mentioned by yourselves and included the £1 postal order and used the template i was directed to requesting the CCA and all the documentation etc. I received a letter back from mcOL stating they had received my defense and had sent a letter to Arrow stating i intend to defend this claim, and that they had 28 days to respond. With work commitments, i was only able to send the letter 13 days ago as of today, I contacted MCOL on their helpline,
  8. Thanks oleg I will check out what that is and request it Gooseman
  9. Hi DX, i did read the full thread in that link the first time, thats how i was able to tell you i will send the letter with the info as mentioned in that thread off tommorrow via special delivery, that is also why I asked what the law number that was appropriate to Littlewoods, because in that threa you mention 78 is for credit card, that is why i didnt think it also covered catalogues. I believe i have done what was suggested, i opened the defence on the site you mentioned, i have drafted the letter to post off with the £1 po as you sugg
  10. Dx, I will send the CCA request tomorrow with the letter in the library as you mention, the only question i have now is if its not 77 or 78 or 79 what is it for catalogue then? I assume i need that number as a referance to the relevant law for there benefit regards Gooseman
  11. Hi Dx, I really appreciate your help, but please can you retype that message without abbreviations, i have no idea at what half these things are, i am a layman, i have no legal/financial knowledge regarding these things. Please dont take this as me being rude i genuinely am not, but i just need to know exactly what to do. Also surely sending a Po (i assume a postal order) is acknowledging that there is a outstanding debt then and offering £1 payment? Regards Gooseman
  12. opps sorry just saw my post for the form clipped off all the claim info let me type it word for word here again The calimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendants under a contract between the defendant and Littlewoods, dated on or about the dec 17 2002 and assigned to the claimant on may 17 2007 in the sum of 551.37 particulars ac no xxxxxxxx date item value 08/08/2014 default balance 551.37 post refri Cr nil total 551.37 T
  13. Oleg, i have to be honest i really cant remember if a payment arrangement had been made, but i can only assume that if i had it would have been paid off at the very least, due to the fact they gave me a account around 2009 of which i used, paid up normally and closed the account, and yes i have lived at the same address since 2001 Gooseman I really am clueless here, i thought if it was over 7 years then its statute barred, and surely unless they sent me a letter recorded delivery they have no proof i ever recieved any letters from them(which i did not btw). plus as my credit
  14. Dx it is restons yep, and no i have no other debts other than the usual monthly bills etc, and yes what i type in reply to the form is ALL that is stated on the claim form, there is no other information at all Gooseman
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