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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi Bankfodder Since they're more likely to use a clerical person, would it be worth me getting my own solicitor? I understand that I have to get written permission from my insurance company (as it says in my policy) to allow it. I have witnesses that can sign a witness statement if needed and I took photos of my car before It was taken away. The claim has been put down as the HGV drivers fault As for the figures, they look like this Balance on finance £2770 Amount offered by First Alternative insurance £1700 (retail price for my car which I havent accepted yet, still waiting f
  3. Hi Freebird, thanks for the reply I definatley have the legal cover on my insurance but I didnt realise I could ask for a solicitor to fight for me. I've got a hire car at the minute which im allowed to keep for 7 days after the finance company receive the car value cheque (which is in about 10-14 days i thinkg) After that im up the creek without a paddle!!! Thanks Claire
  4. Hi I hope this is in the right forum, apologies if it's not. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a problem I have with my car (now my ex-car) On 16th December, a lorry reversed a few yards the wrong way up the one way street next to my flat. He hit my wing mirror while going back,then drove forwards, turned too soon round the corner and wrecked the front side of my car and pushed it up on the kerb. There was a passer by who was shouting at him telling him to stop (but he carried on until he finshed draggind my car), there were also witnesses in the shop downstairs that s
  5. Congratulations, it's nice to get one over on the people who think they can rule over us!!!!
  6. Well, it all finished today. They received the court proceedings from the court and I had the 2 letters today like most people, one saying they are going to defend it (why do they bother with that one) and another saying that my account will be credited . So I guess it's another win for the little people. Cant say much more about it because of the confidentiality mumbo jumbo Thanks you all for your help, definatley couldn't have done this without the support and help fom all of you. I'll be back again soon when I claim back the rest from my account and when I help my dad go through the sa
  7. Hi peeps Sorry for leaving it so long without an update Filled out my allocation questionnaire, and the court had it back on 8th June, call Leicester County Court today and the bank have returned theirs too! Should i be worried about this? C x
  8. Yes the amounts would cover the total owed on the account (including £120 that I have paid into the account in the last 28 days) only thing is, i was hoping to use the money to split between my credit card and some other bills that I have. At least if they leave my account open I can do what I planned, use the money to pay off my serious bills, and then trickle feed the over draft until it clears. I guess somehow ill have to muddle through it all. I understand that the credit card and loan will be ok, i can see now that the contracts are different. I've got another bank
  9. Thanks for the help people I haven't been made to sign anything yet. Ive just sent back the allocation questionnaire so they might make me sign something when they send me the money. I hope I dont have to though, i'd love to be able to squeeze everything out of them (im not greedy, just furious with them!). Im up to my eyes in debt because of all the charges i've had in the last few months and i'd love to twist the knife while it's in (does that sound too mean?? Nah!) Not feeling as bad now, sent the solicitors letter to them 3 times via fax, and now ive got some ice cream
  10. I'm not savvy with all this contract talk, I think I got the gist of most of it, must say im slightly worried that my account will be closed. At least I know the loan and credit card will be ok. Not looking forward to stumping up over £1000!!!! If they do demand the outstanding balance, can I pay by installments? Has anyone on here had their account closed? Also (sorry to be a pain), since i filled out the claim i have had another £200 taken from my account, can I claim this back after the current claim has completed? Sorry for all the questions im just dreading hav
  11. Need some advice! I received a letter from Lloyds saying that my account is going to be terminated on 14th June and that they will want the total amount of the account paid I called them once I had filled out the claim form (about 3 weeks ago) and told them that I would like the action on my account to be put on hold (as per the details on my claim posting on here) and they said this would be ok. I have now received this letter and dont know what to do. They said that I should fax them proof that I have raised a claim, so I'm going to send them a copy of the letter from their so
  12. Hi All Quick update and a question Got the allocation questionnaire for the court, going to fill it out today and post it off. The defence wasn't what i was expecting, the statement claiming that they "are not penalties" was rather interesting. If they're not penalties then surely i've done nothing wrong and dont deserve to have my money taken from me. Oh well, what can you do!!!! Since I filled out the claim I have now had another £200 taken from my account. Has anyone completed a second claim after the 1st was settled? Or, is there anyway of adding these charges onto the amoun
  13. Hi all Im a new poster but i've been snooping around here for ages and decided to put down the details of my claim I'm claiming back £743 of those charges we've all grown to hate. I sent the 2 letters off to the bank (didnt need to do DPA, got statements online), got a standard "get lost" to the first one, and no response to my either of my 2 emails. Filled out Money Claim on 3rd May, the bank acknowledged the claim on 11th May, which strangely enough is the same day i had to ring them and tell them to stop sending me letters for being over my over-draft limit (wonder how that
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