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  1. one was purely a current account that got overdrawn, that's the smaller one - £1900 The other was a current account that got overdrawn + a consolidated loan + a flexiloan in there too - £4700 thanks for replying on this folks
  2. ok fair enough I didn't realise. I got the impression MKDP had bought an unenforceable debt unless they could supply what was requested in the letter
  3. Hi D Have been receiving letters every 5 to 6 weeks from MKDP for approx. 18 months or so now. Have never replied and in the latest letter they still mention they are unsure i'm actually at this address. Will definitely do the SAR request to HSBC Thanks for your advice ! Not sure where this one will end up thanks S
  4. Hello again If you can't CCA is there anything I can do now ? Really don't want to face a CCJ from these people thanks S
  5. ps I meant a Nest of Vipers btw. Don't want to give MKDP any encouragement, but at all costs need to avoid a CCJ. thanks again
  6. Hi all Firstly apologies this is my first time posting, have had a good look around the site and am very impressed. I've been able to kind of answer my question by studying other posts here but would appreciate peoples opinions if they have time. I defaulted on a HSBC current account that was overdrawn in September 2009. The amount was approx. £4000 and was mostly unfair charges from the bank. I did attempt reclaiming charges prior to default but in the end just gave up, cowardly I know. Since 2009 I've moved addresses a few times and had letters from Compello Group chasing this matter up. Until now I've just ignored everything (possibly a stupid idea) Lately the letters have been coming from MKDP arm of Compello and the latest one looks a little more serious. Its a fishing letter no mistake "We have undertaken further investigation using Credit Reference Agencies in addition to other reliable databases and understand you reside at this address" goes on to say about an instruction to pre-legal department and if the matter proceeds possible CCJ, Balliffs or Attachment of Earnings. The matter would be Statute Barred by my calculation later this year (September 2015), but have read on here firms like MKDP go for a CCJ to prevent it becoming SB ? Should I go for it with the SAR, CCA letters do you think ? Or am I just entering a big next of vipers ?! Thanks folks
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