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  1. Hi, Thank you for everyone's help, I have submitted the following appeal to Bromley Council, I hope it works. I will post an update in time.
  2. [ATTACH][ATTACH]55575[/ATTACH][/ATTACH] My ticket
  3. Any experts on parking regulations out there that help? Please
  4. Thanks, is there any way of me finding out if Bromley Council have any exemptions in place for East street, is this information available online?
  5. Thanks, and I guess the only way I can find out is to appeal and await a reply?
  6. PS That's my red Mini. Interestingly the parking bay I am in doesn't have a line at the end, it narrows off to a point. I am unsure if this has any relevance?
  7. Thanks for your patience, I think I have done it.
  8. Hello all, I desperately need some expert help. Two days ago I was given a parking ticket code 25 for parking in a loading bay in East Street Bromley. The loading bay in question had NO markings on the ground only a sign (which I didn't see as the parking bay is at the end of a row of parking bays and sneakily made to look just like a parking bay) to say Loading bay. The sign they used is a variation of 660.4, which I have checked and is correct. However this is where I need help; The TSRGD guidance on using sign 660.4 states that it can only be used with the road markings conforming to 1028.3, 1032 (both of which whereby it should say LOADING BAY/ONLY written on ground) and 1033 (where it doesn't need any wording on the ground due to narrow bays). I cannot attach any pictures yet but feel free to email me [edited] and I will happily send the images to you of the bay I parked in. The painted marking do not appear to be any of the above, in fact they look to be 1028.4, which if that's the case then is the sign 660.4 allowed, or should there be written on the ground LOADING BAY? Have I got grounds for appeal due to Bromley incorrectly using the sign 660.4 with road markings 1028.4? or have I made a mistake? This really is very confusing Thank you
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