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  1. There is one more very interesting piece of information I keep forgetting to put up here! During my conversation with the FOS when I first made the complaint. She said I could not take the complaint back to 2011 when they first contacted me so she said she would have to put the complaint starting in 2013 sometime. I asked her why that was and she said it was more than likely they did not have a licence to do what they do until then!? Which means the tracing techniques and evidence before that is worthless in a so-called official way even though it’s the same company!?
  2. Hello renegadeimp. To be honest I can’t actually see the press being interested really especially with the likes of this government in charge at the moment. It’s a curious situation to say the least but symptomatic of the state of this country where big business rules and can do what they like as us the little people are no longer in control of our own country!? I completely agree that this should not be allowed, whereby a company like this can make £millions of pounds on the suffering of others by exploiting loopholes as they know that there is nothing you (the little man) can actually do
  3. That's very interesting and sounds like my next mission, I'm going to get onto thier website right now and look into the contact details...will let you know
  4. Thanks Sabresheep. I really like the idea of sticking a nail in plinks coffin so will look into this more. I notice a while ago that the OFT was gone but didn’t really know who had replaced them and how if any good they were, thanks
  5. Hello dx Are the FCA any thing like the FO as if so I don’t hold any hopes out there?! Yep have the proof. It lists all the old numbers they rang, my family, my friends, my old addresses & even an old address from donkeys years ago!
  6. Thanks Sabresheep. I really have given up with this firm now and intend to take dx’s advise of just ignoring them. As I have said on here, I believe now it is completely pointless in any communication with them. They just circumnavigate and ignore all official rules/laws and guidelines and just harass you, that’s how they work. I am posting more now as information for others as I am happy in my mind that I am ignoring them. I actually now just dream up stupid things to say to them on the phone to give them the run around when they start ringing and their letters just make me laugh!
  7. I received a copy of all the communications plink have regarding me from the FOS. Interesting reading! Persistent beggars! To trace me, not that I’ve been in hiding in any sense (I just moved, that’s all!) and can prove this very easily but I am not going to put up here as to how as the ploinkers most probably read this I would imagine!? They sent letters to an old school friend and phoned him, how they got hold of his details I have no idea but I hadn’t spoken to him for years so I have only just found this out. They then I believe, rang everybody in the pho
  8. Morning all & thanks renegadeimp. I’ve slept on all the good advise here and come to the decision that dx post 26 is the answer, it’s time to ignore everyone! Not the cag though! It has cost me so much time in letter writing and I feel things have just gone round and round and I’m back to square 1. So I’m just fed up with it all now. I actually now quite welcome court action from the plinkers as at least their will be a resolution but lets face it are they really going to risk court action for a £2&half grand alleged debt when their only argument is p
  9. Sorry just noticed! Thanks renegadeimp!!
  10. Thanks dx but not to sure I like the sound of; Case in point, DCA's obtaining judgements by default on debts that are obviously SB. Especially if the debtor has been sending letters. Once the judgement is granted, the DCA normally doesnt hesitate to go for enforcement proceedings unless you force their hand otherwise into checking for a CCA. Does this mean I have to start worring again?!
  11. Renigadeimp. You are so so right but unfortunatly I found out the hard way and why I am posting on here about my experiance as it might help somebody else in the future from all the torment!
  12. Sorry, also dx. If it can still be chased then what is the point of having a law like the limitations act?
  13. Defiantly, I don’t know what I would have done without this site!! I’m no mug and would never have paid them but the advise on here has been an absolute godsend! You say in E&W it can still be chased. For starters what’s E&W? Also there has got to be a point where chasing becomes harassment? Defiantly going to ignore now dx. To be honest the only thing that ever bothered me was the voicemail messages as it costs me to retrieve them but I’ve turned off my voicemail off now! That would have been a problem a few years ago as I was starting up self-employment
  14. Renegadeimp. Thanks and yep you are right! I am considering it at the moment. Funny how the adjudicator has never mentioned that I can escalate it though? Hello dx. Thanks! Yep you are 100% right! If I had known now what a complete saga it was going to be then yes no doubt about it, I would have ignored them from the beginning. The trouble was it just escalated. It started with just one letter to plink, which said ‘go away’ I am not giving you any money but that just led to more and more letters. So again yes you are totally right in that this company, once y
  15. I would be very interested of anybody’s thoughts or experience of the financial ombudsmen? I am going to fire off a return letter at some point. I now know it is completely pointless but it will make me happy and any ammunition I can get would be helpful, thanks. I received the letter about their decision and quite frankly I’m not sure if I should be insulted or take it as a joke?! They say that I say that link is chasing me for a statue barred debt and they should stop chasing me. Interesting wording as a six page letter of mine never once mentioned the words ‘chasing’ but did
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