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  1. Just an update on the Quickquid complaint. Ombudsman have suggested that I am unable to proceed this complaint as I am unable to include my other PDLs in my income and Expenditure. So even though I had multiple other PDL's they said that Quickquid could not have been expected to know that when issuing a loan. It would appear to them that I was able to afford this loan as they dont account for other PDL when looking if you can afford the repayments. Sounds daft to me but im happy with my wonga result so going to draw a line under it now.
  2. Well I spoke too soon! Just had the adjudicator on the phone and wonga have finally made me an offer of £2666.62! Im over the moon. Ive accepted and got to wait the 28days to get the funds. I urge anyone to try and claim back what they are owed as it costs nothing. I got a flat 'no' to my complaint to Wonga. If I had accepted it I would be £2666.62 worse off. Fresh start now as that clears all my outstanding debts and leaves a little. Im still pursuing Quickquid. Thanks the the OP as I was going to take it lying down until I saw they had been successful!
  3. Well the wait continues! Wonga have finally replied to the adjudicator to say they have passed his request to the assessment team, which my adjudicator says is a good sign. However, I am trying to put pressure on now to progress to the ombudsman as Wonga are taking the ****! I dont care how long if takes to get my refund, but just want a definate if its going to take place...grrrr!
  4. Update- ombudsman have contacted me again today. Wonga have failed to respond to their request so they are escalating it to the formal process. I have also started the process with quickquid. They responded within 6 hrs to my formal complaint with a final response stating they dont feel they lent irresponsibly so declined my request for a refund of interest. I sent this to the ombudsman and its been passed to the guy who is dealing with my wonga complaint. He feels I have a good case although not as clear as wonga so its just a case of waiting to see what happens.
  5. I spoke to the person at the ombudsman who is handling my case this week. He has requested wonga refund all interest and fees since 2012, plus interest, but its been 3 weeks and they still haven't responded to him. He said it may take a few more months as they have so many complaints. I have also just started the complaint process with quickquid. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hi. Yes there is a form to fill in. Its available online, but I believe if you call them they can complete it over the phone. I didn't want to call them in person at first as I was embarrassed, but I needn't have been as the chap I spoke to was really nice
  7. Just an update- as you know i had a final respnse from wonga stating the did not uphold my complain as there was no evidence the loansa were unaffordable (even though they sent me an email on 10th october stating they were unaffordable doh!).I have finally been contacted by the financial ombudsman today. They apologised for the delay but stated that they have been waiting for my records from Wonga, who have not been very forthcoming. The chap was really pleasant and reassuring, as I am embarrased by the payday loans I have taken out. He said it is very clear from my records that the loans were unaffordable, and my pattern of borrowing should have flagged up alerts in october 2011 so he will be contacting wonga informally first to request a full refund of interest and charges, plus 8%, and that my credit file is ammended to remove the loans which were unaffordable. At this stage he is trying to keep it informal, but when I asked what would happen if they did not comply, he stated he would make it formal, but that basiaclly they havent got leg to stand on. He agreed that they have admitted the loans were unaffordable in their email to me on 10th october, so they have admitted liability. He said it may take several weeks but is confident of a positive outcome.
  8. I have called the financial ombudsman who confirmed they have received my complaint and it has been passed to an adjudicator. They asked me for copies of all correspondence with wonga and my wonga statements of the loans taken which I have provided. They have said it can take up to 6 weeks before I will hear anything but I am very happy with how supportive and none judgemental they were
  9. I have received a final response from wonga today, basically they are not upholding the complaint on the grounds that they 'have seen no evidence that the loans were not affordable to me'. Im a bit flabbergasted as they admitted that the loans were unaffordable to me in their email dated 10th october where they stated I would not have been given a loan under their affordability checks. Ive passed thos to the ombudsman but arent holding out much hope!
  10. Thankyou I will give them a call friday if still not heard from them. I have a flexcredit account with quickquid which I had to take out to pay off wonga one month. Ive nearly repaid it now but might be worth giving it a go Will keep you updated
  11. Hi, I wondered how long it took the ombudsman to get in touch with you, after receiving your complaint? Its been a week since I sent it to the fos, and I sent it tracked so definitely got there a week ago.
  12. I didnt provide this to the ombudsman just the original documentation I sent with my wonga complaint. However, I haven't had an acknowledgement yet from the ombudsman to say they have recieved my complaint. They may ask for this information i suppose. Its been a week. I havent heard anything from wonga at all after the 8weeks passed, and I tried chasing at 8weeks and just got an automated response.
  13. Well the 8 weeks have passed and not a jot from wonga so ive sent it to the fos toda. Will keep you updated
  14. I got into a spiral of loaning and reloaning each month, as I couldnt afford to live after the payment went out. i borrowed over 3 years . I finally entered into a repayment plan with Wonga in May2014, and only had one installment left to repay in october, which was written off. I agree that it should apply to any loan they have granted which was not properly assessed to see if you could afford it, irrespective of whether it is live or not. Bex 19- the first thing i did after recieving the email on the 10th to say i was affected, was to request all account information held on me from Wonga, so i could work out what i had borrowed, and what i had paid in fees and interest etc. it took me 2 months to get this information. I was gutted to see how dependent I had become, borrowing thousands over the 3 years and paying £3543 in interest and charges which i have requested is refunded. I also noted I was paid a goodwill compensation amount of £120 in august, although had no idea this had been paid to me (or should i say deducted from the repayment plan) or what this was for as it predates the affordability issues. To date no one from Wonga will explain what it is for, although i assume its for another cock up on their part!
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