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  1. sadly the mortgage and family mean early retirement with lack of life cover isn't an option i feel generally demoralised whilst trying to keep the spinning plates going round but i take your point !
  2. Hi, there is no uniformity, they are done on a store by store basis but then adjusted by a manager who can intervene up or down as seen fit with no disclosure as to why/how I do have data for other stores and there is no rhyme or reason why the numbers are arrived at Yes , in a pension to which they pay 3%, I pay 1% in additiom
  3. Ericsbrother: Targets are supposed to be calculated using a complicated formula of 3 random months of a previous year and a mean average with a HR manager making adjustments as they please (free choice to up or down them] emmzzi: Yes, there is a sense I want to try and keep working and to keep things normal for as long as I am here, Im not the sort of person who would want to sit at home rocking away , moping and yes I have a fairbit of support (thanks for your kind message]
  4. Thanks for the replies, this is how it feels that targets have now become pie in the sky with numbers so unobtainable its made life even more difficult and stressful as I am reviewed against numbers that 12 months ago were nowhere near level of achievement , this feels like they making it more difficult, i could understand target increases, but by such huge unobtainable numbers compounds the difficulty inobtaining them
  5. yes they say the calculation is the same (i'd disagree from figures i have] the store gets a target and then you get to breakdown the target for each sales staff pro rata for hours worked.
  6. Thanks Steampowered and the others for helping me I am told by Macmillans that my cancer means I am classed now as disabled. I have approached HR and they are refusing to make any adjustments, macmillans on the other hand say this is not correct and their concern is the workload is too much and adjustments would help me remain at work, because of this I though by asking advice whether to challenge HR decision would be worth it thanks again
  7. Thanks for the link, Jim\s example seems to be about appraisals(what happens if a poor appraisal occurs}. I certainly don't expect to make them unprofitable (difficult with a 500+ milion profit last year] but the nurses said I shouldn't be expected to burn myself out and a target reduction would be a reasonable request but they don't agree
  8. Macmillan mention adjustments to me because they said I shouldn't be burning myself out as I've been working 50-60 hours to try to keep up i can't post links but if you don't mind google macmillan working through cancer PDF and on Page 21 of that PDF: it states: Adjust performance targets temporarily so they remain realistic for your employee. is what Macmillan pointed out to me similarly if you google pay and benefits equality act pdf volume 3 and on page 20 of that PDF it talks about adjustments thats what i've found so far...
  9. Thankyou for your replies Citizenb: Macmillan said it isn't right and I should make a complaint but I hve enough on without having to resort to grievances Emmzzi: they are rising across the business to ridiculous rates
  10. equalityhumanrights.com/sites/default/files/uploads/documents/Old_Guidance/PDFS/Workers/3_employees_pay_and_benefits.pdf
  11. I am a store manager working on the east coast of the UK, who works for a large company I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and have struggled with things like fatigue since making the decision to battle on and keep doing a job I enjoy I understand that I am covered by The Equality Act I am paid a basic salary and also receive OTE for hitting store targets My employer has been increasing my targets by as much as 60-70% vs year on year performance, I feel I am breaking under the pressure of trying to remain at work and also manage my team I have mentioned volume 3 of
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