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  1. It`s ok, I`ll try and find help somewhere else
  2. There was a case in The Dail Mail in January 2014 were someone won their case at a tribunal. Maybe they have tightened the rules since then? Tje woman had two sons that lived in barracks.
  3. Surely proff of posting isn`t proof you received it
  4. My son joined The Royal Navy at the end of 2013. I am in receipt of housing benefit and have been taken to have a spare bedroom. After researching various sites they tell me I should be exempt from the bedroom tax because I have a son involved in operations in the forces and he will eventually return home. First, refusal was because my son wasn`t on a ship, now he is on a ship they tell me he is still classed as living at home. If this is the case, what criteria do people in the forces have to satisfy? I was even told that his income would be taken in to concideration and that would cancel the
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