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  1. I have received a letter of "Impending Court Action" after the POPLA decision has been made. Should I respond to them or notify POPLA?
  2. The company produced no evidence so I only won by default. Still glad to have it sorted though.
  3. So I got a reply. They have sent me a letter saying that the photographic evidence shows that my permit was not displayed. I have attached the rejection letter with personal info removed. Should I go through to POPLA? [ATTACH=CONFIG]55782[/ATTACH]
  4. Here is a PDF of the letters and evidence photos. Page 4 is a over-exposed copy of the photo in Page 5 where I have circled the permit. Sorry for the rubbish quality of the letters as the methods my Father used weren't the greatest. I will get better ones if need be. Thanks again for all the advice so far. Should I get my Dad to send them my details and name me as the driver? [ATTACH]55543[/ATTACH]
  5. The photos do show a notice attached to the windscreen but it wasn't there when I got on the car. The car park is located next to a pub so someone could how found it funny to remove it and I have no evidence of foul play by the parking company. The date of the letter says the 8th of January. With the issue date being the 28th November. However the letter was received on Wednesday the 14th of Jan. I will put together a pdf of the pics and post it up.
  6. Am I allowed to post the photos on here or is that a bad idea? The windscreen one has no personal details on it, but it would help to show my issue.
  7. Sorry for having to create a new thread. I know there is already a lot of great information out there already and I have read loads already but I need some fairly specific advice with this one. So the story goes: I took my Dads car to the office the other night. We have use of a car park that belongs to a bank that we sublet an office from. All thats required is a little paper permit that I have had sitting between my dash and windscreen for months now without any issues. The other day my Dad sent me a text saying he had received a letter about a PCN being "overdue". He sent me a c
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