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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your valuable suggestions, I have decided to respond to the NIP with my UK provisional details and opt for the SAC. I will not provide my IDP details. I will give an update once I get a response from the police. Hopefully all should go fine. Fingers Crossed.
  2. Thanks for your informative posts on my query. Your suggestions are really helpful for me. Can you please help me in the below queries 1.I need to decide either one from the below three options as my response to NIP; a) Submitting all my three licenses; UK Provisional, Indian License and IDP (which shows validity till March 2015). I feel submitting IDP may be an added advantage for me since it was taken during my last visit to India in March 2014 and has validity till this March 2014. b) Submitting my UK provisional and Indian Lic
  3. I am a resident of UK. I came to UK from India 2 years ago in April 2012 on work Visa. I work for a car manufacturing company in UK. On 14th Dec 2014 I was driving my company car and caught speeding by a speed camera for exceeding 40MPH speed limit(Recorded Speed:51MPH). The police contacted my company to get the driver details as the car was registered on my company and they got my address from my company and sent me the “Notice of Intended Prosecution” I have my Indian Driving License; I got the International Driving Permit during my last visit to
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