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  1. Sorry for delay in a reply but was rushed hospital at weekend, just had a reply from John Fowler offering me £500 refund! Not replied to them yet Sandy xx
  2. https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1171930/Asteroid-news-chance-of-impact-asteroid-hit-earth-Lembit-Opik-asteroid-warning
  3. I will try get the photo's as my daughter has them on her phone, I do not have a camera on my phone, I do not use twitter, I will write to them was going to anyhow
  4. daughters partner had a bite, we told them as there were no mattress or pillow protectors on the beds, so could been flea bites or bed bugs! Got photo's of the dog mess, did not see the blood stains till last day when we took the bedding off
  5. weather was lovely, too hot at times so did stay in, caravan smelt of dog and daughter and partner said they woke itching in night, linen was provided, mostly good but did see blood stains on duvet, they changed the bedding once
  6. We only stayed as the holiday was mainly for the children, they did come and purify the bedroom while we were out so they said and they cleaned it once, its the dog mess we are disgusted by, we had to have them out to fix issues several times, believe John Fowler is part of Hoseasons
  7. we asked to be moved only to be told there were no more 3 bed caravans available ( there was ) one of the party is allowed 4 weeks holiday not sure on my daughters partner as he is self employed and only recently started the job, most of the messages have been done by email which Yahoo is still down
  8. I can not record phone calls, we were there from 17/8/19 to 31/8/19, 4 adults and 2 children and yes 2 of the party booked time off from work for the holiday
  9. Hi all have just returned from a holiday from hell with John Fowler and yes before anyone says I have been here long enough to know what to do I have already done it but no joy, plus Yahoo mail and services are down all over the world it seems today so not able to access it We went to John Fowler in Somerset, Sandy Glade holiday park, was given the keys to a caravan that on first look seemed fine but then after little boy ( 14 months old ) had crawled on the floor noticed he was absolutely filthy and had to shower him, it was then saw the cooker was filthy
  10. another 3 today up to yet, all say same thing, either have change my number or get in touch with my phone company, I have or supposed to have barring etc on it, got an answer phone but do not think it working Really annoyed now lol xx
  11. yet another one . 3 today! I do not have a Master Card, all different phone numbers, this last one was a 0115 number which is local to me
  12. feeling angry! why do (take it they are s c a m m er s ) phone up every day saying it is a security call in regards to my master card/visa! always different phone numbers! Yesterday it was to inform me £600 plus had been withdrawn from my bank/card for an over seas transaction! Not got that amount so be lucky lol Anyone else getting these calls? My number is ex directory and reg with TPS
  13. thanks fk and bank fodder, yes I know been here awhile I just needed bit advice, seems this company have a habit of taking peoples money! I can not record phone calls so will go bank ty xx
  14. Sorry if in wrong section Has anyone heard of a company called IDENTITY REPORT? Just check my bank account and they have taken just over £31 form my bank I did not sign up with this company, have emailed them but no reply. Just need bit advice as otherwise have go to the bank and sort it TIA Sandy xx
  15. Has anyone else been getting calls from someone claiming to be calling from OFCOM? I have had several calls recently saying they are from OFCOM and my BT internet/phone line is being cut off due to fraud? in next 24/48 hours, I am not with BT I just put the phone down, I am ex directory and registered with TPS, The tone of the call is quite alarming and they ask to press different options! Sandy x
  16. Ethel, I have never had a problem like this before, thanks for help
  17. the holiday cost over £800 and they want to keep over £100 of that I would prefer most of the money back tbh, thanks for all help
  18. thanks Andyorch I aim to try get it all back and have resolver on my case as well Sandy xx
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