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  1. Hi, I have unfortunately had to buy a new washer due to my last one giving up, had it over 10 years and never let me down! I decided to get one from ao as had previously had items from them with no problem, and also no one else could deliver next day, I went for same make as already had ( Indesit ) I chose a 9KG ( last one was only a 6KG ) and thought it was a good price with free delivery ( or so I thought ) Today washer arrived, man came to see where I wanted it and went get washer, he seemed be on his own until another one turned up to help him get it i
  2. wow, have just checked again and it has finally arrived and been signed for, but really not good enough
  3. ,HB, Thanks for reply, says it is with them in transit? I paid for next day delivery/signed for
  4. If anyone can advice me what to do, have just checked the Post office tracking service, parcel not signed for and saying been in transit for 4 days
  5. contacted the Post Office and waiting for a reply
  6. Need help with this please I sent the refurbished tablet back first class, signed for on December 30th, seems Amazon have not got it, I went to the post office tracking service and all it says it will be updated once it has been signed for! I have contacted Amazon but they are not interested, said need proof! I have the receipt but not able to do screen shots ( my comp is about dead ) and say they will charge me for the item if it is not returned! I had pay for the item to go back which Amazon said they would refund me, they have not, now what? Any advice/help please
  7. I now have no tablet, sent the refurbished one back and got wait for postage refund and my original one has gone back to Argos, so now on look out for another one, pref one that has google play store on it
  8. well update on this, Amazon decided to replace my tablet, did not ask if I wanted a replacement but today it turned up, I discovered it was a refurbished one! I was not impressed and told them this, I spoke to someone via there portal and tbh they are not interested and will not give me a refund or even take the damn refurbished one back! I still have the receipt for the original one ( from Argos ) so will see if they will refund me, I am not happy with the tablet and it has got worse recently, I have no idea what to do with the replacement item? Sandy xx
  9. Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Granddaughter Alisha, 14 today xx Missed and loved so very much, x♥x♥
  10. another thing it has a habit of doing is changing my wallpaper, I set it and it is fine but then next time I looked it has been changed
  11. It says it has 39 apps on it, I have only installed f/b, a game and messenger , rest were already on it, I also keep it on low battery saving. Just get annoyed that is keeps closing down for no reason, I do not use any other apps on it
  12. Has anyone got or had a Amazon Fire 7 tablet ( with Alexa) Asking as I bought one in October and it is awful battery is useless, have to charge it twice a day, only use it to play a game on, it also freezes and shuts down, specially when in middle doing something Anyone else ? Thanks Sandy Got it from Argos
  13. much as I hope Boris is booted out I really do not want a Labour government to run the country, Jeremy Corbyn is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard
  14. yes HB, seems they not budge! I am still not fully recovered yet from being in Hospital so that's not helping Sandy xx
  15. ty DX just had an email with the offer of £500 refund Sandy xx
  16. I am so angry right now, I have been informed the person who was/is dealing with my complaint has gone on annual leave for at least a month and seems no-one else knows anything about it, was also promised a phone call today at around 3pm, am still waiting Sandy x
  17. the caravan did smell of dog, only reason we stayed was for the children and the cost of the actual holiday, I did take our insurance Sandy xx
  18. Why would anyone put dog mess in a caravan? we do not have a dog and would never dream of doing that, took pictures of it and they saw it. The cleaner admitted she did not clean under the bed! I will ask how they intend to pay me, as they have not responded to any of my emails then it maybe a long wait Sandy
  19. As they have not responded to me recently then no idea what to do, we stayed as the holiday was for the 2 children, ages 5 years and 14 months, we were not offered another caravan and the cleaner did not come straight away, I was the one who had to pick the mess up and bag it as it was late at night and there was no one around the site to ask, nor did they answer the phone numbers given for this type of thing. Whether it is something to do with me picking this up or not I have since been rushed to hospital since coming home, I had to have ECG and a C
  20. Thank you Stu I have once again emailed them back stating all these facts but low and behold silence from them. I am not letting this rest even though I am still recovering from being taken to Hospital. Thank you all Sandy
  21. Thanks Stu dogs are allowed on this site and the caravan they gave us was actually a dog friendly one which as we do not have a dog , did not need. I will certainly be reporting this as they are still trying to fob us of Thanks, Sandy
  22. thats because I do not have them, my daughter has and as explained I was rushed to hospital at the weekend these are pictures of the dog mess, bear in mind it was very late at night they were taken Sandy pix.pdf
  23. they saw the mess so know it was there
  24. thanks BF was going ask for at least half seeing as holiday was just under £1.800, it has taken them awhile to reply to me and I still keep seeing little boy and dog mess
  25. Sorry for delay in a reply but was rushed hospital at weekend, just had a reply from John Fowler offering me £500 refund! Not replied to them yet Sandy xx
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