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  1. ty DX and Andy, think she thought it was a s c a m , fraud or whatever, she not that good at things like this, she is going check her account again
  2. My friend has told them this and got no response as yet nor any refund, she is giving them till about 2pm to refund it or will be reporting it as fraud and seeing the Police etc, have told her please do not ever do it again or drag me into it, I will do my best keep you updated Sandy xx
  3. be glad when this fiasco is done, she has been sent this now Sorry for all incontinence as we are unable to cancel your loan application due to legal procedure and we are in process of transferring the complete loan amount along with your cancellation fee and refund amount which will take at least 30 min. I request you to kindly wait and I will give the confirmation once the transfer is done. Thanks & Regards, Linda
  4. they are supposed to refund her by midday today but as yet nothing
  5. £ 3551!!!! she needed loan for a headstone for her daughter and a car as hers has had it
  6. she is going tell me how much she has given them up to yet, told her to cancel it and demand her money back
  7. 1. BREAKDOWN OF LOAN Amount of Loan : £20,000.00 Loan Terms : 10 Years Monthly Repayments : £230.00 A.P.R (interest %) : 6.35% (FIXED) Note: - We want to confirm you that your loan amount is completely approved by our company for the amount of £20,000.00. So,for you to get this loan sorted you have to go through a credibility check and you are requested to pay your first month installment in advance which is for the month of March. Your second monthly installment will be due in month of April by direct debit. Once you can make t
  8. no, they do not take credit or debit cards, all done by bank transfer
  9. we need to prepare Non-guarantor paperwork for you which will cost >>> you >>> £895. This paperwork will act like a guarantor for your loan for >> the >>> whole loan period. Before we provide this loan to you we need to >> make >>> >>> sure that after you receive this loan we should not lose the money. >> So >>> >>> we have to show to the financial conduct authority that you can pay >>> your >>> repayment on time. >>> >>> So, in this case you are required to pay t
  10. CENTRAL LOANS LIMITED Company number 04205508
  11. CENTRAL LOAN 1) _______________ 25-27 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR13NX, United Kingdom Email: [email protected] Web: www.centralloan.co.uk 2) _________________ Contact Number: - +44-161-5051746 Just checking for reg number
  12. she has now got a transaction number, I will have alook for company reg number FK
  13. can not do screenshots as on a computer sorry
  14. not sure if can do it as my computer is acting up really bad, if I can copy and paste maybe?
  15. she has just shown me the loan agreement and the company is regulated, all laid out decide on the best value. The APR takes into account interest as well as fees and charges. TYPICAL APR: A "typical" APR is the APR offered to two-thirds (7.8%) of borrowers. The actual APR you are charged is subject to status so you might not qualify for the typical APR The lender will assess your circumstances, such as your income, how much you can afford to repay, the relative security of your job, whether you're on the electoral roll and your credit history. CENTRAL LOAN typical APRs ar
  16. She now wants know what are her chances of getting what she paid them back, said she had around 9k in bank for holidays and other items but now has only about 6k! I told her she must be mad but seems she is desperate
  17. oh, it def said Central Loans, seems there is a few in same building? sorry Note: - We want to confirm you that your loan amount is completely approved by our company for the amount of £20k. So, for you to get this loan sorted you have to go through a credibility check and you are requested to pay your first month installment in advance which is for the month of March. Your second monthly installment will be due in month of April by direct debit. Part of her agreement
  18. not same company Andy, she is not a homeowner, the company she used is def called Central Loans, based in Norfolk
  19. could have been but think she may have used her partners computer without his knowledge or even gone to bank, sorry I really have no idea, have told her to report it I have told her to go to the bank first thing or at least check her account, she said no money has been taken out apart from what she sent them, I am still trying find out who they are no luck who they are? have told her she needs try and get what she paid them back, she is going speak to someone in morning. I know she was hoping to get this loan, she h
  20. they told her the documents will be sent to her and as far as i know signed nothing, have just tried talking to her and tbh think she may have been s c a m e d ? I can not find anything on this company , all the money she sent them was bank transfer, no idea how she did it tbh , I am only someone who knows her but from what she said she sent them money for insurance, first installment and couple of other payments, taking what money she had. She has checked her account and nothing as yet paid in, they gave her a transaction number
  21. by phone I think Andy, they just asked for her name , address etc, purpose of loan, did a few checks, was asked to pay the first instalment as well, from what she has said they asked for a couple of other payments! I did not pry as she was upset, will try find out more, she was dealing with a woman called Linda she was told to expect it in her bank by either 8pm tonight or by 10am tomorrow
  22. I am here to ask advice for a friend who does not go online, they have asked if anyone has heard of Central Trust ? My friend has been approved for a £20k loan and she was told it would be in her account today, she has checked and nothing, I was asked to help find out why I have tied and was told she needed to pay for insurance on the loan and then the money be with her, she manged to do this and had to provide screenshots etc, she was told all good and to check her account, it is now way past closing time and nothing. I have not asked why s
  23. 14 years today you closed your eyes for the last time, our hearts were broken in a million pieces. We have asked so many times the question " why? " Alisha you will be with me always, loved more today then yesterday but not as much as you will be loved for tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come xx Love you Little Miss Sunshine 15/12/2005 ~ ~ 13/2/2006
  24. nope never even heard of this company, I have been into my online banking account and canceled it, x just been on trust pilot and seems I am not only one that has had this done by them, I have canceled the DD but will keep an eye on account in case the set it up again, people are asking how they got our information! They all saying it is fraud!
  25. firstly am sorry if in wrong place as not sure where this should go and excuse me as my computer is dying big time! Has anyone had dealing with or heard of wedosavings.co.uk? I am asking as I have just seen they have st up a direct debit on my bank account with them! I have never heard of them or signed anything at all, they have taken nearly £10 from account and seems they would carry on doing it but have canceled the direct debit, I have tried to contact them but no response! You go on their site and click contact us, go to live chat, it just gives you
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