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  1. Morning Quick question, anyone here get pension credit? If so how long does it take before you get it ? I applied for this several weeks ago, told am entitled to it, nothing since, I rang up last week to ask as was told it had been processed and read to go, was asked what bank account wanted it paid into, I said same as my state pension. Woman said ok it should be in soon if nothing by next week ring us back! Have checked account and nothing, just been awarded Housing benefit and council tax help Sandy xx
  2. update Barclays have investigation everything and have said the transaction for the £29.99 did not get processed so case now closed but they will be keeping their watch on my account Thanks to all who helped Sandy
  3. only 14p gone back on card! no idea why only 14p, BC are still looking into it as it was £29.99 Will keep you updated once I know anything Sandy
  4. Got my new BC today so now should be able to log into my account and see if the refund is there Sandy xx
  5. not a clue slick! have been reading up about them and seems there has been others in same situation, seems it happens when people are looking for credit/loans etc but not sure Long as I get the refund! not know as till get new card I can not access my BC account
  6. yes it is Slick,, my card has been stopped as well and BC are looking into the matter also
  7. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-scientists-claim-first-human-132600545.html scary xx
  8. Got this from them Your Subscription has been cancelled and you will not be charged in the future. A Full Refund has been credited back to the payment method originally used. This refund can take up to 7 working days to show in your account dependent on your bank. If you have cancelled the payment method used, the refund will still be processed and show in your account within 7 working days. If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.
  9. Just had a call and email from BC saying reason not able to get into my account is they are looking into the transaction and they are canceling the card and sending me a new one , they said they are investigating and marked it as fraud? Will keep you up to date Thank you Sandy xx
  10. Yes other problems sorted ty Slick I can not get into my BC account, have tried several times and there phones seem to be down, I actually did manage to inform BC that there was a transaction showing that I know nothing about, they sent me a secure message, I had to reply to that, they then sent me another which I can no access as can not get into my account!
  11. clicked on the links ty, 45002, the identity one is different to one been charged for now, it is called Identitydefender.co.uk, I have emailed them but no response as yet, I keep trying to get back into my Barclaycard account but nothing.
  12. We're sorry - we've been unable to complete your log in request right now is what am getting the we do savings one yes , cant remember other one , sorry as you have no name on picture I am not sure who you are, not been on for a long time, had a lot of bad things happen x
  13. I do not normally ring but as could not get into my account had no choice but did not get reply anyhow, have tired few times get into my account but its not working! Thanks slick
  14. Hello I know not been here for awhile but going through a very rough time right now, Today i logged into my Barclay card account to find a transaction I do not know, it is from Identitydefender.co.uk. I have never used them or heard of them, yes I have already disputed this and tried to ring Barclays but after being put on hold for ages I was told sorry but due to issues all our phones are not available? I now can not even get into my account, it says please ring this number but when you do you get the message about the phones!
  15. Do not see how they going to let children back to school, specially the younger ones as they do not understand social distancing, all they be wanting to do is hug their friends who they have not seen for along time! How are teachers going to keep their distance from each other, the parents at the schools gates etc etc! Some of his speech was alright but most I doubt many will take notice as a lots of people are already going out several times a day! Also, what most don't get is you are allowed out to go places now but n
  16. I take it TJ you do not like Boris? who else do you think should be in Government? I follow no party as at the end of the day they are all full of promises that no one ever keeps, I like thousands of others have not seen my family/grandchildren , for a long time, I do not blame the Government for that but all the selfish people who insist on going out all the time, the families being caught going to the seaside etc! Yes the Government should have acted sooner but tbh I do not think anyone could know how quick this virus was going
  17. Seems everyone is against Boris? I myself not keen on him but do not think it is fair that some people think it serves him right he got the VIRUS! I support no party but really glad Labour did not get in tbh, what I an several others people I know fail to understand is you are allowed to go shopping etc but not see your family! Surely shopping etc the virus can be passed as you can be a carrier and not know or show signs of it at all
  18. Absolutely disgusting and uncalled for, no wonder the virus is spreading https://uk.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-police-karaoke-party-lockdown-155617425.html
  19. https://www.companyrescue.co.uk/guides-knowledge/news/brighthouse-to-go-into-administration-according-to-reports-4275/
  20. already have dx ty, once she gets herself sorted
  21. she does not have sky and only a basic mobile phone, far as know she has no credit cards on a Debit card, as for the rent I bailed her out for now but first and last time, she has checked her account and still no refund so she is going to the back with cap in hand as they say
  22. Friend is distraught, told her go to the bank and explain , she said they will blame her as she has given them over £4k now and she must have known she get nothing at the end, she is scared what they will say but she is facing eviction now as can not pay her rent etc,
  23. she cancelled the loan and silly person paid for it to be done, now they seem making out she needs pay even more despite promises from the of a refund and telling them she does not want the loan
  24. As per our recent conversation with legal transfer team, they told us > about the insurance which needs to be done in order to secure this > high > loan amount of £20000 & your refund of £3551,you need to pay the 495 > > pounds of insurance cost.This insurance is good for you, as it covers > you for any unavoidable circumstances where you are unable to pay the > monthly installments,then the insurance will take care of it. > > Also, this is refundable which means after this payment the total > amount > that you are going to get into your account
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