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  1. hi BN,  a yellow card? nope 

    The specialists and Consultants have no clue tbh, they said  a lot of people in my age bracket had been admitted with similar symptoms! ( in their 60's ) 

    Whether  any had  the really bad head like me I have no idea, been a lot better since been home, but had no call from        the GP even thought Hospital said they would be informed!


    All I know is about 3/4 days after I had the jab the headaches started, had them for around 4/5 weeks, I     did not ring anyone to start with but as states on website if you       have headaches for more then  4 days after having the jab then seek medical advice


    Sandy xx

  2. I am also dreading my second jab, my first  was Oxford and as you know I ended up in Hospital, seems a lot more have come forward complaining of really bad headaches etc, mine felt like something had exploded in my head, still no nearer  to an answer, I even went for a specialised  eye test  to see if anything been missed, still nothing!


  3. hi BF

    It was not me who purchased the item it was  neighbour, he said the delivery people had noted the damage and it would be reported, no idea if photos were taken.


    Cost was £249 and £30 delivery charge, he was told by the delivery people  he would get a discount and should get his £10 extra he paid back, far as aware it was reported but tbh I do not know as hardly see this neighbour but if and when I do I will ask, ty for the advice



  4. I am wondering if anyone knows how to talk to someone at Currys?  tried all avenues, says chat to them online!  that is a laugh as it  is not even there, tried most  phone numbers, and   it cuts you off, no email address.

    This is  for a neighbour who needs a  fridge freezer, ordered it yesterday for   delivery tomorrow, cost £30 for this,  they got confirmation    for delivery for Saturday! which according to site says it is £20.

    They are not happy as they need this asap as theirs has broken,  I said I would aske here as I mentioned this group to them, they     do not have internet!


    Thank you


    Sandy xx

  5. felt like something had exploded inside my head, headache started a few days after jab, says on site if last more then 4  days seek medical attention but  me being me  did not bother as knew how over stretched the NHS are, but after putting up with the headache every day all day and night  and it getting worse I did, was blue lighted  to hospital, blood pressure was sky high ( never had high  blood pressure)  head felt like it had explode  as pain was so bad, ended up seeing a cardiologist as had chest pains, a neurologist as  was numb from neck down, consultant, had a ct scan and then a specialised  ct scan, had to have dye put into a canula.

    All tests came bk nothing found, they said I was not first had in with these symptoms , they are calling it corona virus migraines! I am now on 5 lots  pills as well as antibiotics  due to an infection caused by the first canula they put in 😕 

    I am glad to be home but still  feeling rubbish, not like me as I am always on go, this   has knocked me for 6 :(

  6. me again!


    Why do most companies insist   on you giving them a phone number!


    I am asking on behalf a my  ex father -in-law, he applied for    insurance I believe but because he has no phone of any sort they told him they can not continue his application!

    Why? is it law to have a phone???? I myself only have a  bog standard mobile, has no camera, no internet etc, I  do not give my number out to anyone yet get SWAMPED with unwanted calls and texts even though I registered it with TPS!


    I find it really unfair you are expected to have a phone, not everyone wants one or afford one


    Sandy xx


  7. They now say no holidays here or abroad but there is no evidence  that all those who meet on beaches, etc etc   do not spread the virus!  really.

    I have also  seen that there now may now be enough vaccines  to go round and yet they want the children to go back to school! 

    In my opinion no, yes they need education but surely their health is more important?


    Seem as well some people have booked holidays here and abroad, why?  the children not be able to enjoy it like they would have done normally, no going to the holiday park  entertainment or anything, maybe all you can do is go to the beach!  I do not mind the beach but not all day every day!


    Sandy xx



  8. So how long before another lockdown? a week, 2 weeks, a month? soon as children go back to school what is the betting  there be yet more cases of covid!


     I really wish someone  would  take over who  knows what      they are doing instead of the bumbling idiot  who is supposed be in charge now!  The lockdown  should stay    as it is until  there is  no deaths from this awful virus, my opinion, I  do not support any party but really wish we had someone who knows what         they are doing ( NOT LABOUR!!!!! ) again my opinion. I do not  even watch the news, or listen to it, no need you hear about it constantly, I do not even have a tv lol


    Tbh, I  think this is going to take A very long time if ever for us to recover from and  talk of holidays   should be forgotten for a long time even though   everyone by  now needs one!


    Sandy xx

  9. just recently it has been very depressing to come in here, everyone seems be arguing and TJ always has it in for either Johnson or someone else,  can    we have some nice things to talk about!

    Maybe TJ should become a PM and fight his corner! lol can not be any worse then the idiots who have tried, just glad Corbyn got   his come upperance



  10. give up,  not able to change it, the email address  that is showing is not in use, do not even know the password for it, always used the email address I am using now for everything but it says that belongs to someone else! far as I know  I have only  ever had one account here!



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