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  1. So does that mean there's nothin for me to do at the minute with regards to the LGO? Also the council rang me once the 660 payment has cleared on there side, and asked how I wanted it allocated. I cleared the bill with the brother in laws name on, then the small 169 bill, and the remainder put on the third larger one. That means that 2 of the bills where cleared of council tax, only leaving the bailiffs fees on them accounts. Does that mean my brother in laws car wouldn't be at risk now, as the fees are Wat less than the value of the car? Thanks
  2. Hi lookingforinfo, I had a reply from the council telling me that the complaint would be assigned to an investigating officer. And I should have an outcome by Feb 9th. They have put bailiff action on hold for the duration of the investigation. Can you explain the LGO a bit more? I'm not following what you mean. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I've sent the email the early hours of this morning, in the hope it was top of his inbox this morning. I have a response, basically just telling me an officer would investigate, and I should have a response by Feb 9th. Below is the email I sent Dear Mr Partington, This email is a stage one complaint, with regards to an outstanding council tax debt being dealt with by rossendales on the behalf of telford and wrekin council. The complaint refers to the way rossendales have dealt with this debt on your behalf, and the apparent lack of following guidelines and laws while representing your constitution. I knew nothing about these bailiffs until I received a phone call from my brother in law, informing me that they were demanding full payment at the door. They may have written to me at a previous address, but I have never received any correspondence from them personally, So for them to demand immediate payment is in breach of my statutory rights under The Control of Goods Regulations 2013 Part 2 section 6 Minimum period of notice 6.—(1) Subject to paragraph (3), notice of enforcement must be given to the debtor not less than 7 clear days before the enforcement agent takes control of the debtor’s goods. (2) Where the period referred to in paragraph (1) includes a Sunday, bank holiday, Good Friday or Christmas Day that day does not count in calculating the period. As i have never received their Notice of Enforcement the bailiff company was wrong to demand payment from me and as such I understand that the proper procedure is to cancel all the fees and issue a Notice of Enforcement giving me 7 clear days notice. Next, i move on to the Data Protection Act and complain that the Enforcement Agent divulged my debts to my brother in Law. In addition this is also in breach of The Taking Control of Goods National Standards. Professionalism and conduct of the enforcement agent 19. Enforcement agents must act within the law at all times, including all legislation and observe all health and safety requirements in carrying out enforcement. They must maintain strict client confidentiality and comply with Data Protection legislation and, where appropriate, the Freedom of Information Act. I ask that a thorough investigation takes place over these matters and i would be grateful if all bailiff action is put on hold until the investigation is concluded and I am notified of the outcome. I also add that while the legislation allows for the Enforcement fee of £75 to be charged for each Liability order, there can only be one charge for the Taking Control of Goods and the bailiff has charged me twice. As this botched operation is ultimately the responsibility of the Council I would appreciate an acceptable outcome especially as i have already made a payment £660.10 on Friday the 16th of January. This payment was made direct to the council as the bailiff REFUSED to take the payment and set up a payment plan, and demanded more money. I look forward to hearing from you at the first instance with regards to thus matter, and inform me if the next steps, or I may be forced to take thus matter further. Yours sincerely
  4. Haha, no that's fine, I had wondered what they would do as I'm not there any more. The email to the CEO will go ahead tho.
  5. I'll have a go at getting the email written up this weekend, I work weekend nights for 12.5 hours, travel an hour each way so I quite literally work and sleep! What can the councillor do? And shall I basically copy from the reply above for the email? Thanks
  6. Thanks lookingforinfo... Only one question now.. How do I get the CEO contact details? Is this the CEO of the council? Or council tax department? Thanks again guys!
  7. Hmm... I'm not sure what I need to do next. I have a few days in which I can dispute the fees before I will have to accept them and start a payment arrangement to prevent further action.how can I find out if I am in a definite position to challenge the fees? And the legislation needed to back this up? And how do I go about starting this dispute and with Who?
  8. I'm not sure, I'm not clued up at all on bailiff fees, hopefully some one can clarify this?
  9. That's great. Would you suggest goin to the council about this, or the bailiffs? And are there consequences that can be applied due to them not following regulations? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice about the enforcement fee, I will certainly look into this. Is there anywhere I can find the legislation that states only one enforcement fee can be charged? Cuz If i can remove this, then that's the equivalent of 3 monthly payments I won't need to make Thanks again
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your reply. The letters were sent to a previous address as I no longer live in the district. I'm now living in temporary holiday let as I relocated in august untill I move into a proper residential property in march. All recent dealings have gone to my mother inlaws which is where my brother in law lives temporarily too. Although he hasn't confirmed to the bailiffs that it's him that lives there. I have made a payment direct to the council, of 660 pound, who are now instructing the bailiffs to hold any action for 10 days while the payments clear, and will then tell them they have to accept my 80 pound a month plan. They've also said that me paying the council direct doesn't mean I accept the bailiffs charges. All calls have been recorded since the bailiff started to refuse my offer.
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