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  1. Hello, thank you so much for getting back to me. This whole situation is so frustrating as apart from the kind people on here, it seems no one is really willing to assist! I have looked at the Bill of Sale and it was stamped by the courts on 23 Feb 2012. It does have a witness, however I am pretty sure the witness is not independent as the witness lives at the same address as the person who took the loan out. I am waiting for the Court to call me back as I type. If the Bill of Sale is valid , I guess my only option is to hide the car and pursue the person in person and through the small claims court???
  2. Hello and thankyou so much for getting back to me, he was sent a letter, which I have in my possession. This included a Bill of Sale that is between the previous, previous owner and Hermes Property Services. How can I tell if it is valid?
  3. Hello, Just wondered if anyone can advise. A friend has recently purchased a vehicle through ebay. Shortly after the updated V5 was received a letter was received advising that the vehicle had outstanding finance and that it will be repossessed on the 23rd of this month. I have done some digging and it transpires that the previous owner never sent the V5 off and that the logbook loan was in fact taken out by the previous - previous owner. I have the name and address of the previous, previous owner as it is on the logbook, furthermore I know where they work as it is on their facebook profile, that I had a cheeky look at. I have not made contact yet. Not really sure what to do now at this point, can anyone advise? I have spoken to the loan company, who don't really want to know. Time is obviously of the essence as it is due to be repossessed next week. I really would be grateful if any advice!
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