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  1. Thanks very much, but it really does not seem right. I will contact Ombudsman too and ask for advice. I would normally have accepted the verdict, but what seemed fishy is that Barclays owed PPI too, in the same circumstances. My father also had a negative balance with Barclays and they paid the amount owed regardless (by cheque to next of kin).
  2. Hi there, Maybe I didn't explain this properly. My father (passed away 2 years ago) owed money to Monument. The amount is still there but we are not eligible to pay it since giving death certificate. Now they sent letter saying they owe PPI. The amount owed is less than what was owed by dad, over £1000. I would like to get this money without it going against the debt. Also I dont want them tricking us into paying the remaining amount by signing the form given. It seems what they are doing is shifty as, as far as I know, PPI money owed must be refunded by law, not put against outstanding debt? I hope this will do, if you are asking something else then I dont understand what.
  3. Hi all, I know everyone on these forums are very savvy regarding PPI matters, and there seem to be some experts also. My late father owed "Monument" money but once Death Certificate was issued then it was resolved (no will, no assets). I have now received a letter saying they owe PPI, or PBP as they like to call it. However, their dealings look suspicious as essentially they say "We will not give you money unless there is some left over what is owed." Why should I pay what is owed? This does not seem fair. They also want me to sign a "Statutory Declaration" and I fear that if I sign that they may be charging me for what is owed. Please, is there any way to get the full amount of money they owe? It is over £1000 pounds. Here are the letters below, I hope you can help: [ATTACH=CONFIG]55404[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]55405[/ATTACH]
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