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  1. It says "Further to your recent correspondence we duly write. We refer to our previous correspondence and our position remains the same, you continue to have an outstanding account balance of £207.47. A cancelled direct debit would not equate to termination of your membership. If you continue to remain unsure of your obligations we would recommend you seek legal advice." Thanks Sarah
  2. Hi I have received this reply in response to the letter you suggested I send, should I just ignore this now? Thanks Sarah
  3. Thank you for this, my original letter I addressed to CRS, does this matter if I send my reply to Harlands (albeit they're the same company)?
  4. My thoughts exactly, what would you advise I do now? Should I send them a cheque for £9.99 being the months notice stating that is on full and final settlement of the outstanding amount on my contract? Thanks
  5. Hi Apologies, missed the obvious. New attachment should be ok. Thanks
  6. Hi I have finally received a reply from CRS today, they state that I entered into an agreement on 16/05/2013 to pay £9.99 a month and to give a months written notice if I wanted to cancel. They are saying my payments were not honoured and I failed to rectify the breach and so agreement charges were added and the file referred to them. They say they have checked with the gym to see if I cancelled correctly and have said they are willing to accept £112.49 on settlement of the debt they say I owe of £207.47. I have until 27 feb. I might just add that I rec
  7. Thank you for your help, I'll send my letter tomorrow
  8. Hi I'm hoping I can get some advice. I joined Xercise4less in May/June 2013, I can't honestly remember if it was on a 12 month contract or not. I haven't been to the gym for months due to my new job in September 2014 I cancelled my direct debit. My last payment for £9.99 went out on 28 August 2014 and I heard nothing. I have today received a letter from CRS saying I owe £207, which includes £102.50 of their charges!!! I have contacted the gym who cannot help me because it's been longer than 3 months since I cancelled my DD.
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