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  1. Hi thanks for your reply ;-) You are correct they have taken back to the stage of issuing a new HCEO. However I have offered to pay in instalments but they will only discuss once the HCEO arrives and discusses with me 121 in my property which I have been advised to not let them enter. I want to stop the action and deal with the courts in terms of payments and discuss the CCJ. Hope that helps to understand the situation better. thank you again
  2. Hi all, I hope you can help with situation that I find myself in within the last 48 hours and of course I can try and support with what I have learnt in recent days if it helps. Sorry for the long mail! I had a call from HCEO on Tuesday identifying himself and asking if I knew a particular person. He caught me on the back foot and I did not know the name. He proceeded by saying next steps would be taken, I had no idea what he was talking about, the name and what next steps meant even though I asked several times. I immediately googled the name and it is someone I recognize, a consultant who operated on me 7 years ago. I contacted her and spoke to the consultants secretary who outlined that since my operation fees have not been paid by Bupa. They had tried to get ahold of me a while after their invoices were rejected by Bupa but I had moved home and I have a different contact number. They proceeded with action and the company they instructed (Control Accounts) did the same, try and contact me by post and calls but obviously got the same response as the consultant. They then passed my debt through to the County Court who once again did the same and as of last July issued a CCJ against me. The case was then taken to the High Cour tand this brings me up to this week and the HCEO. I have contacted the consultants and explained and said I would call Bupa and understand what has happened. The consultants are actually sorry it has got this far but my issue is to contain and manage the HCEO right now. Bupa are not taking any responsibility and referred me to my old company TBH I can take it up with them after I contain the current process I face. I had a authorization number from Bupa, my procedure took place a month after I was made redundant from my old job at no stage was I notified my cover would stop as well as the consultants not being notified by Bupa. My policy was supposed to run from April - April but the company cut it in Dec. this has become a separate issue. I spoke with the HCEO and I have given them my new contact details inc address which they now have anyway. They said they would resend the letter of execution within the next couple of days and of course start the process from there. I am faced with a bill that was c£900 + to a bill which is now c£1800. Having read advice, spoke with National debt line and CAB hey have advised I seek a N244 or N245 as I do not have the cash to pay this. I have also spoken with the court that has the writ and they explained that the N244 form is what I need???? The CCJ is another matter and is with Salford court. I am a little confused having spoken to many people within the last 48 hours. I guess what I want to do is stop the Writ and therefore stop the HCEO action arriving at my door. Be given the chance to explain that the process has got so far down the line with me only being looped in now. Pay the money but outlay over instalments whilst I argue the case with Bupa and my old company. And finally take the CCJ off as this is something that I was unaware of until this week on this really concerns me as I will be taking steps to start a family and eventually have savings for a house!This will ruin it all! It is stressful and anybody that has been in a similar situation will know and hopefully be able to advice and help me manage and contain this matter. PS I am trying to work with the Consultants and I do understand their perspective so hence I shall pay for the operation but it is a lot of money to outlay in 1 hit. Thank you all
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