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  1. The Gym can’t find any record of the letter and are refusing to assist further. Small outfit called Gymworks.
  2. Yes, I allowed 30 days and allowed one more payment. I knew I had to do that and I am sure I put that in the letter, I'll double check but pretty certain. I'll disclose the name of the gym if need be a little later but it's not a major player such as Virgin or David Lloyd, just a small two site gym. I'm hoping to try and sort it with the gym and hopefully they will have my letter in a drawer somewhere.
  3. Yeah, I've done that now. Finally worked out how to do it. Thanks,
  4. Thanks for just confirming what I needed to know. Sometimes it's reassuring to hear your own thoughts from someone else, so to speak. I'll keep the post informed if it goes awry. Thanks ericsbrother.
  5. Hi, Back again for a little more help and this one is a Gym Membership issue. Back in Nov 16 I joined our local gym (I'd previously been a member) around June 17 / might even be little earlier in May I dropped in with a letter explaining that due to illness I could not keep up the payments and as I am self employed was unable to commit to any further membership until I was (1) - working again and (2) - back to normal health. I handed it to one of the trainers (I'd been a member at the gym before for around 2 years and knew the trainers and they knew me) and explained and left. Being wished well. I then start to get letters from Harlands who firstly I called and ended up losing it with them and simply telling them where to go and now it's CRS. I have been doing some reading on here this morning and last night and see that CRS/Harlands are one and the same and I don't worry about Debt Collectors given all the great advice I've had off here before. I'm starting a thread so I can have a point to come back to if I need to but these idiots at CRS are now bombarding me with emails, they can't call as they don't have my number/s and today a letter. I'm just a little worried about these idiots doing Court (Not Harlands as I have read they haven't since 2015 and hashed it) but CRS. I should have sent the letter by recorded post I know, I've read that this morning here too. Their T's & C's state they must have a doctors letter to accept the grounds but I'm not going to share my medical details with any gym or anyone else for that matter. Can you give a little advice on what I need to do/expect. I've quite frankly told CRS where to go and a little stupidly, in writing. Any advice or thoughts appreciated.
  6. Just received the cheques from CapitalOne and Citi (Canada Square Ops). Happy days.
  7. I just wanted to pop back and let everyone know how this has gone. Since the CapitalOne claim I did, I have had 3 others as well and for the benefit of anyone else asking same or similar questions. I used Resolver (I know DX100UK said it wasn't the best) but after doing the CapitalOne claim I tried others but added a lot more information. I have now had successful payouts from Natwest (who were by far the easiest to deal with and actually, didn't argue). £5670. CapitalOne are now paying out, cheque should be with me in a few days - £423.00 it does include a few pence over but just rounding to the nearest pound. The Associates (CITI) - awful trying to deal with them, but they have admitted liability for £1150. CapitalOne and Associates (CITI) were referred to the FoS and they upheld my complaint. I know that this group does great work with helping people and we are so grateful and will be making a donation in the next wee while. Thank you kindly to everyone here and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas (early) as I hope to not be back before then - in the nicest possible way. Spacedood.
  8. Capital One returned no such information they claimed on their decision letter. I then approached Financial Ombudsman and a few minutes ago received a letter that the adjudicator has upheld my complaint and Capital One are going to make me an offer of compensation. I don't know what it will be yet so have to wait for that but it's looking positive. There is just a part of me that is extremely annoyed that they (Cap One) tried to get rid of me with a letter with what really was lies. I'll update again once I know, they suggest up to 8 weeks though.
  9. Kind of what I thought. I'll do the sar asap. Just wondering if I should also complain via Ombudsman?
  10. Hi all, Not been here for a while but wanted to ask for some help. Recently I went down the route of doing a PPI claim via Resolver with Capital One and I was sent a letter confirming I had previously had PPI and they were investigating. Today, I received a letter from them outlining their decision and why. The document they have sent me is 4 pages long and they have said that I ticked a box for PPI when I signed up for the card, I never did, I specifically recall having to call a number to activate my card and on I went to spend a few quid. I do recall seeing the payments on my card statement and to be fair, I never put two and two together and just left it, assuming it would be a good idea to have it. I'm happy to post up a copy of the pages tomorrow for you to look through, if someone would be kind enough, I know you guys really helped us last time. They are stating something about a case Plevin v Paragon. I've had a look on google but it seems a bit mind boggling to be honest. They (Capital One) claim a decision is to be made by the end of August 17 and my case would be "automatically reviewed" but after coming back here and seeing numerous posts about Capital One and the claims process I am seriously doubting the document and would really appreciate the help of the geniuses here that helped us previously. Would be grateful if someone could advise on what to do next, I'm sure I am on a timescale and I know I never ticked a box and I am almost 100% sure that when I applied for the card it was online / via phone. I've never applied for a card via post, ever. The card was taken out 2000 and cancelled 2004.
  11. Thanks, will pop a donation along to you all soon. Very very much appreciate all the help.
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