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  1. Thank you again for your advice, it is very much appreciated. We have no plans to return to the UK other than for Holidays and Family visits, however, I am not sure what the consequences would be if we simply did nothing. Does a debt such as this ever get 'written off' by the creditor? Would I be looking over my shoulder for the next however many years..... I have read somewhere that debts may be written off after a period of 6 years, or become Statue Barred, but I'm not sure this is enitirely true, if at all.
  2. Thanks for the info unclebulgaria67 It would appear a DCA has managed to contact my wife, I guess they saw her Linkedin profile, and they are attempting to set up an agreement with her, they even suggested that our combined wages should have enough funds to be able to set up an agreement. They have no idea what it's like paying N$17.5 to the pound. The DCA is from the UK and when it was mentioned that the plan was to declare Bankruptcy, they paused, and then suggested a re-payment plan. I guess they will be looking to offload this account pretty quickly if they operate like most DCA'
  3. I left the UK in September 2013 with CC debts and a loan and moved to Namibia, with my Namibian wife, where I had a job lined up. I continued to pay my debts from Namibia when I arrived there until January 2014. The reason I stopped paying, the job never materialised and by January all our savings were gone. I spoke to my UK bank LLoyds TSB at the time, and CC companies, Capital One and Asda Money to tell them what happened and they kept in touch via email with me until around April of 2014, then suddenly nothing. Could it mean they have stopped chasing these debts I owe?
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